Final Conflict-Face Institution

Song Titles:
Face Extinction 7"
  • Side 1. Face Extinction
  • Side 2. Killing Fields, Race to Eternity

    Institution 7"
  • Side 1. Institution, Magdalene
  • Side 2. Sundown, Killing Fields

  • Release Date:1997

    Format: 2x7" EP

    Notes:Released in the following packages:
  • Quad Fold Sleeve w/ Rainbow Foil Logo, #RNBW (/25):
    Face Extinction 7" on Black vinyl
    Institution 7" on Peach vinyl
  • Quad Fold Sleeve w/ Gold Foil Logo, #/427:
    Face Extinction 7" on White vinyl
    Institution 7" on Blue vinyl

  • Catalog #: Sour 9-J/Sour 14-V

    Notes: Pushead autographed both versions.
    The rainbow foil version contains an insert signed by Final Conflict.