Radio Wendy/Rocket From the Crypt - Split

radio wendy1
Granite Sleeve, Front
radio wendy2
Granite Sleeve, Back
radio wendy3
Granite Sleeve, Inside
radio wendy4
radio wendy5
Front of Insert
radio wendy
Song Titles:
  • Side 1. Radio Wendy-Death in the Family
    Rocket From the Crypt-Call It a Complex

    Release Date: 1993

    Format: 7" EP

    Catalog #: 400777

    Pressing Variations:

  • Granite Sleeve w/Silver Ink, Black & Glow-in-the-Dark ink, black wax, #/48, Pushead Signature
  • Granite Sleeve w/Copper Ink, Dayglo Pink & Yellow ink, black wax, #/300, Pushead Signature
  • Light Brown Sleeve w/Red Ink, Silver ink, black wax, #/69, Pushead Signature


  • The sleeve is a fold over sleeve, with numbering & signature on inside flap.
    Record is a one-sided release. Contains insert with band members and contact information.