December 1984

Metal Edge

Reviews by Pushead as published in Thrasher Magazine.
December 1984

IRON MAIDEN - Powerslave - Capitol Records

Derek Riggs cover rendition of "Eddie" as a pharoah, is well
produced, with Iron Maiden providing over 51 minutes of music.
Looks like Maiden's fifth offering, "Powerslave," will be a titanic
success. The music is what makes the Iron Maiden timebomb tick. Here
they slice it up good with one of their best releases since the
classic, Killers from power tunes like "Back in the Village",
"Aces High", and "Flash of the Blade", which continue the astonishing
effects of Murray and Smith's amazing guitar work, to the concept
piece "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" where it travels to and fro,
entering new arenas of Maidenmania. Iron maiden introduce well-
tuned melodies with thoughtful instrumentation, something to spice
up the stylus. Great for the cult and good for the masses.

MERCYFUL FATE - Don't Break the Oath - Music for Nations

What can be said about Mercyful Fate? Once again, another great LP.
These black metalheads seem to become twice as explosive after each release.
The tantalizing medieval guitar leads cry into your brain when combined
with the extremely intense rhythms of the instruments, and ...King
Diamond's vocals...whooa this human is more than a vocalist...his voice
ranges from a groaning moan to an incredible soprano pitch (equal almost
to the high guitar solos) where he sings seemingly effortlessly with utter
perfection. none of that generic whining here.

Mercyful Fate are quickly becoming a legend in this new metal kingdon
as they rightfully should be. The style is unmatched by anything that has
ever existed. Smooth, perfect purity, and high intensity is the sum of this band.
"Don't Break the Oath" will send shivers through your tonsils over as
you ecstatically scream along. (Strap yourself down, if you plan to listen
to this with some volume). "Come to the Sabbath" will bite a chunk out of
your soul and leave you stunned, eagerly hoping for more. As with most
Mercyful Fate songs it begins by conjuring up your awareness with a shock,
then develops into a good half dozen little diverse riffs, expertly combined
into a totally insane and original work of art. Live, Mercyful Fate sound
practically identical to their recorded material, with maybe twice the
intensity. "Don't Break the Oath" belongs in a class all by itself, it
cries to be much more than simply heavy metal, but a new and better genre
of its own.

OMEN - Battle Cry - Metal Blade Records

Omen, a Southern California metal powerhouse, cry out with wild
progression in a very Maidenish manner. Hollow tomming drums strike up the
beat as explosive guitar work flashes the stylings of Axemen Kimball and
Powell, the strings flow a fluent rhythm of whining chord changes and twanging
melodies. Echoing vocal shrills spark up the overall pace with good high and
low notes. ten metallic tracks, common in the British invasion with some
upswing and vigor and enjoyable slice for this debut by Omen.

TOKYO BLADE - Night of the Blade - Combat Records

Screaming guitar leads, with a strong bassy song is the mucleus of Tokyo Blade.
Highly melodic vocals with lots of harmonious backing rhythms brings each piece into
a potent pop metal arrangement. Nothing awe-striking about Tokyo Blade, just straight
forward music, sometimes rocky, sometimes heavy, still with an energetic flavor
that combines many different stylings of metal ingenuity. This band is slated
for stadium festivals, so watch Tokyo Blade nurture into anotehr "possible" band
like "Def Leppard, Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. A well produced effort.

METALLICA - Ride the Lightning - Music for Nations

Metallica once again deliver a chaotic vinyl outing, ripping to shreds
the decibels with energetic power and rapid speed. Here, their 2nd album
Metallica storm into a wider range of excitement starting with the invincible
"Fight Fire With Fire," which runs amok in quick basets of hectic energy,
burning a ferocious path of crazed guitar licks and fast drum splashes, which
is enough to ignite the sense in brainsmashing furor. Then into frying
bolts of metal scream sensations comes, "Ride the Lightning", "For Whom
the Bell Tolls", "Trapped Under Ice" and the mean power number "Creeping Death"
with Kirk hammett and James Hetfield notorious guitar chantings cranked down
in a full force assault. metallica are potentially the best new metal act around,
putting a new sense of heavy into the term. With the power of Hammett's
guitar, Burton's dooming bass plucks, Lars Ulrich's drum madness and the
rigorous vocals of James Hetfield, this band will walk strong with their
creative vigorous approach. This is Metallibanger-mania!! RRRAAGGHHCCH!