Maximum Rock N Roll#15

The Following is the column from Maximum Rock N Roll #15
July 1984 as submitted by Pushead.

I look around me and I find myself surrounded by mail projects, deadlines,
orders, and records. It keeps piling up at a daily pace, it's exciting and fun, but
sometimes I run into difficulties which can really slow down the entire process
of which i have no control over. It can be quite frustrating when you know you
are letting someone down. Thus, here is my explanation to the circumstances of
which I am so behind in getting everyone what they so desire. I feel this might help
individuals realize what sometimes the response isn't as quick as they'd like.
I'm sure each individual or group has reasons for why they get behind-whether from
business, travel or sheer laziness. Mine is not from laziness.

First off..thank you to the thousands of people who have written me. It's a special
feeling to be in contact with such a great enthusiastic bunch of people! And also, my
apologies to all whom I haven't replied to yet. It's not personal against you; I will
do so soon! So what gets me into this so called trouble, that has me 1000+ letters
behind and people wondering where their special edition SEPTIC DEATH 12" is.
Well, I'm not ripping you off at all, and I haven't left for Rio with all the loot.
So where does that bring me? Everything that I do here, I do on my own, sometimes with
a little help from my friends whose help is widely appreciated.

Subject A:merchandise, and where is it? The cover, poster, lyric sheet, sticker, etc.
to the 12" is complete, but the colored vinyl is not. I have been waiting now 3 months
for it, and it's supposed to be pressed as I write this, but why the delay? The problem
was that most pressing plants that do colored vinyl have minimum orders of 500, and I
wanted to do 100 each of various ones. So these circumstances had me frustrated, while
the buyee was also upset. My apologies to each and every one of you. You will see your
record soon. Special thanks to Glenn Danzig and Brian Wells for their help in making
the special editions.

Subject B: T-Shirts. have you seen the prices of T-shirts lately? Skyrocketing with the
demand, just too much!!! All T-shirts done here are done ourselves-purchasing, screening,
curing, and labor-to make sure it will be cheaper. My problem has been to find good shirts
at a low price, and then to cope with back-ordering. Please realize these delays can happen,
and be patient!

Sunject C: The mail. WOW! The response is incredible. Thanx so much for your support!
I get some of the mail completed, and some I don't. That's why I always ask for stamps,
For I can't afford the postage; plus the making of flyers and stickers I send out in each
letter is costly. Doing the mail can take out a big chunk of time from doing artwork(which
takes more time), especially when there are deadlines-so mail doesn't always get answered
as quick as I would like. Plus, assembling the SEPTIC DEATH 12" took a lot more time
than I imagined, plus the band went on tour. The mail can get backed up real far when you're
away. But now I'm getting caught up, so you should be getting a reply soon! I've also started
work on a sampler LP of world efforts, people who are my friends, who have helped me out, or
just music I've enjoyed-all in all a way to say thanx. It should come out in the fall.

Lastly, my apologies to anyone that I've offended or upset in my delays. It is not
intentional. I'm just on overload, frantically trying to catch up!! I mention all this
so you'll understand my position, and possibly those of other bands or individuals who
have delayed in responding to you. Your cards and letters keep it all alive, so never
give up!! Thanx to you all!

Now on a completely different note. I get lots of letters asking what's being done about
the EXPLOITED mess. First, I've been in contact with Marcus Featherby of Pax Records, who says
he will reimburse me for damages done. That's Marcus, not the EXPLOITED. Garry Bushell
and Savage Pencil did a writeup in SOUNDS on the EXPLOITED's ripoff of Pushead,
and it was well-written and truthful. The following week, Wattie wrote a rebuttal which stated
it was not intentional, and I should contact Marcus for payment. Then why does Wattie
threaten Marcus at his home, and tell him no such monies should be paid? And why does
Wattie sell the rights to the EXPLOITED's LP to bootleggers without Marcus' consent?
So that brings us to why did Marcus trust Wattie in the first place, since Wattie
completely turned around and burned Marcus. Marcus Weatherby and Pax Records is a highly
respectible operation, not a multi-profut scam, and because of what Wattie did to them,
the label has folded. So now the EXPOLITED are touring the US and how many people said
"No way" to the rip-off artists?? And how many people said "Yes" to the profit off
all the punx? You be the judge. Did you see the ticket prices? Do you know their contractural
agreements? How many of you are being fooled? EXPLOITED had a show in SF but didn't even play,
even though they were there and got paid. They tried to start a riot with the brainless punx
who idiotically follow them. And on my part, the saddest thing is the EXPLOITED are using
my art for their tour flyers, and for the gigantic banner they're using as a backdrop on
this tour. Isn't this all fun? Someday, those of you who support types like this will all
blow up instead of grow up because you gave fools the power they never should have had!
Thanx to Hugo and Brad for putting their foot down!!

You might fall into a rut, but you can always pull yourself out. Don't let it get
deeper by ignorance. Make an effort; show your hardware!