Maximum Rock N Roll#20


Chaos UK-Short Sharp Shock LP
Outo-Many Questions EP
Ingron Hutlos-Necrophilian Hits EP
Zerstorte Jugend-LP
Execute-Criminals EP
Clay-Middle East Combat Area EP
Zyklome A-Made in Belgium LP
v/a-Yalta Hi Life LP
v/a-Really East #2 LP
Living Death-LP
English Dogs-Ends of Earth EP
Iron Angel-LP
7 Seconds-New Dischord Demo Tape
Tu-Du hospital-Featuring Winni (gnarly dude)
v/a-Cleanse the Bacteria LP (biased)

Note: Pushead on cover (lower right)

The Following is the column from Maximum Rock N Roll #20
December 1984 as submitted by Pushead.

Can we talk? 1984? Oh well, say hello to 1985. A lot went on in '84; where were
you? Year's best...well, let's see...musically, 7 SECONDS "Trust", YOUTH
BRIGADE's "Care", INSTIGATORS' "Blood is on Your Hands" EP, and SLAYER'S
"Haunting the Chapel" 12" are my personal fves. Dave Stevens' "Rocketeer"
special comic book is ourageous to say the least. Dave's art is mind-boggling: fine
lines with great structure. A young guy, the #1 pick to go far-check into it. Also
Brendan McCarthy's "Freakwave" is really neat, each episode shows the growth
of his ability! Plus Patrick Woodriffe's "Hallejuah-Anyway" book is just spectacular.
Good art is eye-opening, and I enjoy looking at it. I'm anxiously awaiting H.R. GIGER's
"Necronomicon 2", which looks so fantastic. His best yet!!
Thanx to everyone for their support of my efforts; the response has been overwhelming!
It is a really good feeling to be in contact with all you wonderful folks and to
be able to continue my hardware. I get besier by the day, so sometimes it gets crazy.
I'm still behind in the mail. Many apolgies to all, especially those awaiting a reply.
It's just that the mail started building up. I tried to get it all answered but it took
a lot from my art time. Then I strained my arm real bad, like tendonitis or severe
writers cramp, which stays with me now. Still though, don't hesitate to write, as I
enjoy all the letters and I'll get them all answered. I'm working now on the
Cleanse the Bacteria compilation , which will be out January 1985, unless I get
a major pressing problem. I'm doing the entire project myself, and it's a lot of
fun with a lot of good music. All the knowledge I've learned from this will be
explained ina big article next issue to help out you potential record makers.
The SEPTIC DEATH 12" special edition(297 on colored vinyl) is sold out, and all have
been sent out. If you didn't get yours, let me know.

The reason I tell you all this personal stuff is to honestly explain that sometimes things
don't always run the way you'd like and problems can occur. So before you scream
"rip off", please check into it. I know people have with me, and I couldn't get
back to them. It's really hard, so understand that some of us really try. And we do
special things to help you out(like sending stickers, etc.). For example, the price of
a record, or the price of a show, if you take advantage, soon maybe there won't be any.
How come 6 good hardcore bands can play for $3, and 3 metal bands for $12.50--and no one
shows at the hardcore gig, but the metal show sells out? Is this a lesson in value?
Why should hardcore bands give you deals when you can't give them one('You" being the
'hollerers' who are so quick to yell 'rip off'). So think about it. That metal show
was fun, and the hardcore one was too, for those who showed up. But then there are those
who won't go cause they read so much negative stuff. When faced with destruction, do
they try to re-build, or do you let it crumble?

Negative attitudes breed negativity and scare off the majority. Do you want it your way,
or is this your need for attention? There is so much you can do, and still..You know
the rest. Is hardcore just your escape? Find yourself before you try to change the world.
You'll quickly become a hypocrite of you walk in the opposite direction. Are you
straight edge this week, and fried the next with a "fuck it" attitude? Stop this
depression; start the progression. You count! Wow, I'm rambling again, but you'll understand.
This was all built up by my interesting talk with Shawn/B.Y.O., who really cares and
tries(how quickly will you call him a Rock Star cause he wants a bed to sleep in on
tour? So he chooses a hotel, not a floor--again, you are directed by what you read.)
Mudslinging is not always necessary, just cause a person chooses a different path.
Insecurity; does it exist in you? Ah Shawn, they will see some day. We had to learn,
it tumbles, it falls, but the wisdom is guidance whcih makes us strong. Why do people
apologize for "love stamps"? Why is Tesco wrapped up in armadillos? Send him all you
can find(the rubber kind, so the tires go over smoothly). HA HA Mr T.V. Meat, you
are a classic dude. Thankx for being a friend always. Hey, and witness the dawning
of speedcore, where metal gets fast and thrash gets metallic, from SLAYER, IRON ANGEL,
next wave, bringing 2 crowds into one with a new energy and aggression. Unity, you
might say. Some wil say bunk, others will crave. It's all opinions in an
opinionated world. It's a free world. Is it freedom you enjoy, or how you freeload?
Ha Ha Max RR hits 20 this time. Tim and Jeff are two great granola-eating vegetarian
skinheads, who often volunteer for animal experiments, who exist in life to get their
photo on a box of Kellogg's Cornflakes. No really, everyone just created these old
wives tales when the ol' MRR got popular with their serious side. They both are
swell chumps, and they use Tim for canned laughter on situation comedy shows.
Oh well, time for me to get back to the grind. I am in San Francisco now, so here's
my new address. And send stamps please--I'm not rich! Lastly, how come you get so
many gifts on Xmas when you don't believe in God? Tradition that spoiled you, i guess.
Boil some eggs and throw them in the air and see if birds appear. Then you will know
the answer to life. Bye, until next time, Make an effort; show your hardware!

The Following are the reviews from Maximum Rock N Roll #20
December 1984 as submitted by Pushead.

Chaos U.K.-"Short Sharp Shock" LP

Yo to Chaos and the gang. This album tears me flesh away
and sends shivers up the spine as the the raw unrelenting sound
of CHAOS U.K. squeezes me brain boggen in sheer utter
delight. Even though this is a new line-up(except Chaos on
bass), the intensity and drive that charges forth is mayhemic
insanity. In all of the punk globe, only 2 bands exist who put
forth this burly sound and both are from the same town. Yea,
it's great!

Clay-"The Middle East Combat Area" 7"EP

Gut crunching power thrusts a titanic wallop as CLAY
do their brand of Japanese hardcore. Fast with enjoyable
chord changes and strong leads, has metallic edges broken in
with thrash punches; still, it screams with incredible bursts of
energy. Potent lyrics on the political side. This is tasteful and
scorches. Be sure to get this!

English Dogs-"To the Ends of the Earth" 12"

Yowsaah! You say ENGLISH DOGS equals GBH-clones, a
ho-hum mucacho. You ain't heard this! Blisters with speedcore
franticness, mean with whining licks as it kicks into maniac
pace. Well-organized melodies that cry out in terrorizing metallic
thrash. While some bands are trying to be metal, ENGLISH
DOGS are just the dawning of speedcore. Put that on again,

Execute-"Criminal Flowers" 7"EP

Ramcharging ferocity from Japan. Wild distorted guitar
howls, punching out sonic rage, fierce power with scowling
vocals. Intense stuff, quick with crazed leads. "Criminal Power"
features some eerie abrasive melodies with booming frontrunning
beat. EXECUTE hold their own without a repititious cycle. By
far my fave Japanese band.


Maniacal Japanese speedcore with a lot of bass, driving
some outrageous power to the forefront with a mayhemic beat.
Metallic guitar riffs, garroting drum pulsations and that sonic
bass blistering. Both songs are instrumentals and each has its
own charisma, noting lost without the vocals.

Ingron Hutlos-"Necrophilian Hits" 7"EP

Uh-oh, Swedish thrash madness strikes hard here. Wild
and grinding, with a Japanese speedcore flavor to it.
Outrageous stuff, with crazy vocal antics and lots of laughter
and wicked thrills to bend your brain at. Yes, this has
potential; blasts the wax right out those ears. INGRON HUTLOS
is a name to remember.

Outo-"Many Question Poison Answer" 7"EP

Graunched out growlings that spit out the tonsils are the
focus of this Japanese power unit which pours out the
distortion and whining feedback. Speed and chaos in the vein
of DISORDER/CHAOS U.K., with thunping bass ferocity that
will erupt your senses with this intense barrage. OUTO has a
piledriving no holds barred approach to chaotic madness, your
ears will never be the same.

Sotlimpa(S.L.A.)-"A Non Fitting Generation" 12"

Uptempo hardcore with catchy rhythms from Sweden's
SOTLIMPA. Driving pace but it keeps the harmony and beat.
Fun, Danceable stuff. Too bad it's a muddy mix; still, you'll
never know as you fly with the music.

Various Artists-"Yalta Hi-Life" LP

Aaa-haaa! Here it is! A Finnish compilation with the best
TERVEET KADET song yet, smokes while the stylus shoots out
sparks. Great collection with KAAOS, VARAUS, APARAT
3 times...slow). Don't Miss this!

Varukers-"Massacred Millions" 12"

Here be the newie of the VARUKERS, sounding more like
their frist LP than that last blast of a speedy DISCHARGE
riffs. High snare in the mix, but that doesn't hold this back.
Fast, powerful, and clean in the VARUKERS tradition, but what
happened to Bruce?

Zerstorte Jungend-"S/T" LP

Blows an outrageous stack of volcanic thrash with
fast-paced rhythms, steadfast with abrasive vocals and good
guitar licks. This german outfit storms wildly with ten
lighting-paced maniac doses that forcefully house an abundant
source of energy and aggression. One of the best speedcore
releases to some out of Deutschland since INFERNO and the
MALINHEADS. Really good.

Zolge-"Crisis My Guest" LP

Interesting sound on this ZOLGE release, ultimately using
the studio(A good one) to their advantage. A wall of sound
rock/hardcore approach with much emphasis on the excpetional
vocals which have plenty of interesting effects on them. This
booms with well-produced power, different and enjoyable. A
one-of-a-kind sound.

Zyklome A-"Made in Belgium" LP

Belgium speedcore at its finest! Fast electrifying guitar
laced with quick drumming and hi-hat smashings. Rapid vocals
keep the pace moving at 1000 RPM as ZYKLOME A roar through
one besetment to the next blast. This is crazed and frenzied,
and put out on the Punk Etc. label. Another European release
to sit up and take notice of. It has scorching potential.

Zynthslakt-"S/T" 12"EP

ZYNTHSLAKT on this solo release push forth a full
aggressive punk flavor. This Swedish ensemble hit with some
hard-hitting blows, using raw guitar and drum mixtures with
harmonious vocals, a little say, and just pure driving energy.