Maximum Rock N Roll#9

The Following are the reviews from Maximum Rock N Roll #9
October/November 1983 as submitted by Pushead.

Crude S.S.-Cassette

Throngs of grinding guitar intensity, distinctive disorderly
grates echoing subcutaneous rips of emergent power. CRUDE SS
defiantely blaze impetuous rawness, a sonic inferno of chaotic
crunchers bolting forth storming drum booms and menacing
guttural vocals. A brutal untamed force, unrestrained
outrageous wailings of frantic guitar cavortion highlight this
fierce arrangement that exhilerates to the maximum with a
strong character of stimulating popularity. From Sweden, this is
rapidly delicious.

Various Artists-"Grevious Musical Harm" Cassette

39 ferocious tracks of inititative and unlimited distinction. A
delicious meal that needs no silverware to swallow this
spectacular cranium-crunching ensemble of unrestrained
activity. Featuring bands the globe over...Australia, South
Africa, Italy, France, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Germany, UK,
USA and more with battering-ram assaults by POSION IDEA,
DESTRUCTORS, 5 DEGREE BRACCIO, and the intensity continues. Pick
this one up quick.