V/A-Cleanse the Bacteria


US Press Labels

UK Press Labels
Song Titles:
  • Side 1.
    7 Seconds: Regress No Way, We're Gonna Fight
    Civil Dissident: 20th Century Holocaust Pt. II, Death for a Buzz
    Instigators: 53rd State, The Blood is on Your Hands, Free(You're Not)
    Siege: Sad But True, Cold War, Walls
    Corrosion of Conformity: Kiss of Death
    Crude SS: Nazi Go home, Sprang Alla Komunhus
    Akutt Innleggelse: Tenk Na!
    The Execute: Slash(Live)
  • Side 2.
    Part 1: Black Mass
    Poison Idea: Typical, Die on your Knees
    Genocide Express: Genocide Express, Factory
    Inferno: Wir Sind Schon Tot, Freited
    Mob 47: Fred & Rattuisa, Sjuk Varid, Nedrusta Nu, Snuten Styr
    Septic Death: Terrorain, Change
    Enola Gay: Grav Et Kul, Enola Gay
    Holy Dolls: Beast of the Apocalypse
    Zyklome A: People Die, Angry Face
    Extrem: Nazi Raus

  • Release Date: 1985

    Format: 12" LP

    Pressing Variations:
  • Autographed Poster, Signed insert, sticker, Bonus Black 12" vinyl record, Orange vinyl 'Cleanse'
  • Black vinyl 'Cleanse'
  • Clear Blue vinyl 'Cleanse'

  • Black vinyl 'Cleanse'

  • Black vinyl 'Cleanse'

  • Catalog #: Pusmort 0012-02 (US Press)
    Pusmort 0012-02 (UK Press)
    VAP 35187-25 (Japan Press)

    Notes: The bonus 12" only came with the Mailorder orange version.
    It was Pusmort 0012-03 and had the following songs:
  • Side 1.
    Corrosion of Conformity: Prayer
    Mob 47: Religion Arhjarntvatt
    Civil Dissident: That Was This Is
    Genocide Express: Emotions
  • Side 2.
    Instigators: Wrong Word
    Part 1: Possessed
    Posion Idea: I Gotta Right

  • UK Press Notes:The UK Labels are green
    lettering on a black background. The front
    artwork is identical to the US release.

    Japan Press Notes:Came with a Promo flexi for the 'Skate Rock Special
    Compilation' Series. This flexi had the following songs:
    Corrosion of Conformity: Prayer
    Posion Idea: I Gotta Right