Septic Death - Now That I Have The Attention, What Do I Do With It?

Song Titles:
  • Side 1. Quit, Dream Silent, Child, Burial, Terrorain, Thaw(Cold World), Poison Mask, Hardware, Silence
  • Side 2. Sweat Of A Nightmare, Core of Reality, Negative Threat, Never Trust, Mental Cancer, Fear Advantage, Control, Gore Story

  • Release Date: 1985

    Format: 12" LP

    Catalog #: Pusmort 0012-01D (UK PRESS)
    VAP 35185-23 (JAPAN PRESS)

    Notes: Front cover art is by Pushead.
    The back cover is different that the Need So Much Attention LP.

    Japan Press Notes: Came with a lyric sheet in Japanese and a Promo flexi for the 'Skate Rock Special Compilation' Series. This flexi had the following songs:
    Corrosion of Conformity: Prayer
    Posion Idea: I Gotta Right