Septic Death-Kichigai

Song Titles:
  • Side 1. Kichigai, Demon
  • Side 2. The Evolution Garden, Kharma Khamatic, Unprotected Games

  • Release Date: 1988

    Format: 7" EP

    Catalog #: Pusmort 007-03

  • Mailorder Version: Glossy 7x7 insert w/ cover art & Hand of Fear Stamp
    lyric sheet
  • Regular Version: Lyric sheet

    Notes: Andy Anderson of Attitude and Kirk Hammett of Metallica
    appeared on this release. The very first copies of the record
    came w/ a 8 1/2"x11" xerox of the lyrics. This was due to
    the fact that the glossy lyric sheet (7"x 13 1/2") wasn't ready.
    Some copies came w/ various sticker inserts.