Onslaught-Power From Hell

Song Titles:
  • Side 1. Damnation, Onslaught(Power From Hell), Thermonuclear Devastation, Skullcrusher.1, Lord of Evil, Death Metal
  • Side 2. Angels of Death, The Devil's Legion, Steel Meets Steel, Skullcrusher.2, Witch Hunt, Mighty Empress

  • Release Date: 1985

    Format: 12" LP

    Pressing Variations:
  • Dark Purple & Orange Sleeve, Green vinyl
  • Dark Purple & Orange Sleeve, Black vinyl

  • Catalog #: Pusmort 0012-05

    Notes: The front cover was drawn by Steve Woolley.
    This record was originally released in 1985 in the UK on "Children of Revolution" Records.