May 1986

The following is the May 1986 installment of Puszone

Thanks to Jeffrey Cornille for the article.

Quickly now, nah! That's too fast for me. Bite the bullet, it's
coming at ya quick. Shucks, too slow, now there's chips in your
teeth. Whatcha doing holding onto the bumper? That car is
movin' you idiot! Those holes in your Levis don't look too
promising all stained. Is that your flesh? Whew, that must sting.
Ah, what's that? Why you tapping on my shoulder? Oh, babbling?
No, rehearsing, you know I ain't going to tell you for what, you'll
run your mouth off like a waterfall. They call you queen gossip...
Remember? Who said anything about a movie? No way, you read it
where? Oh, comeon, they print anything. Gee, I'm glad you're my
best friend Mr. Mirror. But it was in the Puszone? No way ace!
O.K., O.K. cut the chatter, time for this month's Puszone, where
mayhem always runs amok! That new Heresy flexi is out. Six
slice 'em and dice 'em speedcore zoomers that buzz the brain radder
than a bee, and for only $1.00. Also, don't forget, 3 stamps gets
you the 'Zone sticker and mail order catalog, plus send vinyl, tapes,
zines, or info for spastic location somewhere in the boundaries of the

Whoa! What are these guys doing in the Puszone? Why it's the Brood,
that heavy quartet from southern California whose new LP shoots the wad
straight up that chimney stack, as the flames pop out those bright
sparks of creative excitement. Explosive, driving with a straight
forward kick-ass power, the Brood force some ultra grinding licks
in a hard blues speed rock punch. Take Jon Nelson and Amery Smith,
ex of Suicidal tendencies, join forces with a sound in mind, get
away from their last venture, hit it with an armful of ideas, stick
Glen E. Friedman in to produce, work long hours with the goal in mind,
and the result is excellence. This LP is hard and heavy, yet clean with
intense action at every note. Reminiscent of classic Nugent. The
compositions are severe and musically well delivered, with a volley of
continual changes that don't lose your attention. The Brood represent
the growth of an individual with their musical ability and how the drive
brings them to that perfect harmony. Well, Jon and Amery, along with
guitarist Todd Moyer and bassist John Flitcraft, have found that right
groove. Check into the precision, fluidity and strength of the Brood's
craft in numbers like, "Call of the Dog", "Screaming for Life","Hidden Fears",
a slower moody piece that works into the hefty "The Fine Line", and "Good
vs. Evil". Metallic metamorphosis, rockin' with all the right chords,
combining a little punk, a slice of blues, a dash of metal and the rest come
from the inside of the Brood. A total change of pace, but a damn good one.
On Profile Records.

And the travels begin yet again in that seven inch playground. Kick sand
into their faces with the awesome debut by Holland's Neuroot. Right
is Might
, a four song EP that thrusts those sonic blasts with a force of
mad rage keeping the pace fast and intensely active. Like a wild speedy car
chase it builds rapidly and keeps the suspense to mayhem while pushing all the
pedals to the floor, smashing down with total combustion. Yet not a crash in site.
hungry guitars churn out powerful cranks, grinding with squeaky chord changes
as the feedback purrs with just the right choice of distortion. Drum beat heartily
as the sticks smash the cymbals over and over again, still it's the hoarse larynx
of vocalist Wouter who spits and growls out the intense sentiments with a force
to be reckoned with. All four tracks, including the stormtrooping banzais of
"The Lie They Still Call the Truth" and "Politicians and Businessmen", are
exceptional, hailing Neuroot the new ruler of hardcore madness. These
guys are great. Watch closely for them.

Speed, distortion and bolting savagery make up the nucleus of a total thrash
blaster combo who go by the name of Generic and hail from England. This
five song EP, ...For a Free and Liberated South Africa, hits hard with
political views and information, advocating serious action, with a true
revolutionary stance. when the stylus burns the black grooves, ranting work
out drastic barrages of rushing outbursts, hurling a seizure of snaps and bark
with flailing feedback, blitzing with an ever changing style of attack. Chaotic
no frills devastation occurs with bulldozing power and brutal vocals that spew
out the manifestations, keeping a vital pace, while the disorder engulfs the senses.
Truly hard hitting and factual, Generic are a steady treat to the new talent
from the U.K., direct energy to the maximum.

The whine roars into a fierce lashing of extreme vigor, cranking furious with that
rushing command of ultraspeed smacked into a total roar of rawness. Catapult the
nervous system into the compelling volts of Belgium's Capital Scum with that
non-restraint force of steadfast francticness, blurting with urgent deliverance.
Clutch the Flag steadily shaves a wall of sound into five scorchers on this
superb EP, hot with fiery character and raucous melodies. Quick, oscillating
guitars menace with an onslaught of graunched out riffs, pushing a continual noise,
brutal with eagerness, into a low driving heaviness, the highlight of Capital Scum.
The singer screams, wails, shouts and snarls,yet is seems laid back compared to the power
the guitars storm out. but the vocals work hand in hand with the compositions,
catching your mind with clever punches. Stuff like "Prison Life", "Target",
"Slavery", and the title track "Clutch the Flag" are rapid with heat from the furnace
melting the vinyl down as you play it again and again. Torching goods on Hageland

Still not fast enough? Well, give a go at those governors of maniac speed, thrusting
beyond the levels of flaildom, Larm. Yup, those Dutch thrashers are at it again
with a sixteen song 7" EP, running wild with those guitar strings as the picks rip up
beyond normal use in just minutes. Split second aggression smashing the cerebral cavity
staggering the senses, chilling the body, the stopping as rapidly as it came. Larm
engage in missiling turbulence that never backs off, loud and boisterous, each member
hustles the instruments to get that charge faster than light. The drummer gets cramps
in the forearm as that hundred beats a second on the snare adds up to some ferocious
movements and torrid muscle action. The turtle would naver have beaten the hare if
it was Larm. The pace is not lazy for sure. Comes with a lyric and photo sheet.
For the money, it's sheer fun.

A great independent tape compilation from out of France offers the genre of French
hardcore. This stuff really wails and is a breath of fresh air to hear such new
excitement from a country not known to produce such hectic thrash attacks. A good
long dose of music featuring eight bands,Heimat-Los, Les Vandales,Kromozom 4,
Rapt, Final Blast, Bitcher, Les Bloody Fuckers,
and Gono Coke,
all with their own style and each equally exciting. This tape was put out by
Jungle Hop International, and it's not their first effort. Jungle Hop
is always on the lookout for new hot bands and from the looks of their releases
they have ggod taste. Watch for this great 8 band tape entitled Rapsodie
En France Vol. 1

Why Work for Death? is the bombastic debut 12" slab from a rambunctious
new speedcore outfit called Dissension, and it's energetic with quick
variations. Sound the alarm as this ensemble terrorizes those sudden chords with a
full approach or tornadoing guitars and an ever-pulsating drum splash which wildly
hurls itself headlong into a continuous paced beat of acceleration. Laced with
metallic grindings, Dissention are boiling with this insistent blistering
of firebolting chaos, as the vocals loudly shout the straight-forward lyric, with
occasional lead breaks piercing the compositions. Eleven gut crunching songs that
never back off, all swift in execution, wild with delight. Ravaging the atmosphere
with the likes of "Fate", "Sole Survivor", "Hypocrite", and "Un-optional Conformity",
Dissension has the spirit to provide the necessary amount of chaotic thrash.
Young and rising, this record cranks with the best of them! On Metal Storm Records.

Show your aggressive style. Wear that cotton graced with the Zone.