April 1987

The following is the April 1987 installment of Puszone

Thanks to Scott Slimm for the article.

Claustrophobia. The abnormal fear of being in an enclosed or
confined place...Those words rang like church bells inside my mass of brain
tissue, as I stood alone in an elevator car that had just stopped between
floors. I had no desire to panic. Fear did not run through my body. It
was just that those sheet-metal walls lined with carpet seemed to hover around
me, getting taller and wider, then shortere and smaller like the grin of a
vicious laughing man. I darted my forefinger outward, pushing buttons, hoping
for results. Even a few rings on the emergency switch didn't do much. The lights
dimmed, then flickered madly...I spun around. What was going on? The elevator car
skipped downward a few times, dropping about a foot at a time, still holding
position between floors. The fourth jolt knocked me to the floor. I noticed
the carpet was an ungly purple and blue in psychedelic swirling patterns with
gum and dirt ground in. I got up quickly to see a flashing light. It was the
'17' button, representing the next floor, yet it was just a flicker due to
the low electrical charges. By now it was stuffy; beads of sweat poured off
my forehead as I clasped my hands together, squeezing tightly. Then the lights,
the panel, everything went out. It was dark, a deep black so thick that the
horror was absorbed by my body. I couldn't see the tip of my nose in front
of my face. Now, the frightening reality set in. Helpless, I stood there,
no one to call. Maybe no one knew. The situation was definitely not improving.
Like water bursting from a dam, music suddenly poured from the speakers. Loud,
unbearable power echoed into the chamber I was trapped in. To my agony it
was that gawd awful elevator music, and it continued louder...and louder...
and louder. I could barely withstand the pressure when I heard this faint
laughter seeping in with the sound, I quickly looked around, paranoid, and
when I glanced upward, i saw two giant eyes peering downward with an evil gleem.
I screamed at the top of my lungs, "Get me out of here!"

Suddenly the floor fell out, and if I wasn't having enough bad luck already,
here I was zooming down a dark elevator shaft, rushing with the pull of gravity,
plunging to the bottom. It was quick-I hit the bottom sooner than I thought I would.
I shook my head, looked around. Where had I landed? My eyes looked down into a
magazine. Suddenly there were lights and loud roars of laughing voices. I had
fallen asleep and my face had hit my desk, but was cushioned as I had landed
into the Puszone. Hahaha, Puszone time again with this month's edition of
hyperactive ravings with that all but typical adjective form to greet you.

Here we go into the land of S.N.F.U. You know, 1-2, 1-2-S.N.F.U.
The stylus is down, the sound is spewing, and Mr. Chi Pig is crooning.
If You Swear, You'll Catch No Fish, S.N.F.U.'s second album release is
packed in a more than bizarre cover which these Canadian lads claim they have
permission to use (since the first LP jacket stirred up a host of copyright
complaints). The cover shows a piranha-like little beastie, menacing some sort
of twisted human kind. Strange. Yet on the disc, that creative S.N.F.U. sound
is alive with power, thrust and combustion, and focused on a host of creative
ideas while still smashing bat on spinning ball. The guitar work is deep and
grinding without being out of control, holding crafty rhythms of a medium paced
acceleration. Axemen Muc and Brent feverously battle the strings, finger lashing
their picks into a sonic firing of chord action which works tight with just the
right amount of umph to kick the sound around. Chunky drives keep a real meloadic
feel that is classic punk rock, not pop, in blaring S.N.F.U. fashion. Beat that
down with an upfront production that sparks the harmonies clean and robust. This
second LP continues to pave the way for a very talented band. Even go-get-'em tracks
like "Better homes and Gardens", which are more representative of their first LP,
have a good shove. The lyrical delivery is one of humor and sincerity, which is a
pleasant surprise, making it more interesting to see what these S.N.F.U. boys have
to say. All in all, If You Swear, You'll Catch No Fish is something to throw
the hook out for, but I guarantee you ain't gonna catch no typical hardcore.
On B.Y.O.

A bloody good mate by the name of Shane, who runs Manic Ears, a tape label/mail
order in Bristol, England has formed his own record label and is pretty choice
in the selections he chooses. First, he released the ultra-intense slab
entitled Earslaughter, featuring noise destroy hopefuls Chaos U.K. and
Extreme Noise Terror, the manic new bloods on the UK scene. He got a favorable,
if not disorderly response to that record. So now, Shane has released the
second Manic Ears LP by a great band called Civilized Society, which is
brilliant and right up there in a top ten spot for 1987. The album, called
Scrap Metal demonstrates Cilivilzed Society's originality and thoughtfulness.
Hammy, formerly of the instigators, sings for this band, which has that same kind
of charisma the Instigators had when Hammy was with them. Cilivized Sociey offer
straight forward British hardcore with dynamite song structure and harmonizing and
an ever-present, rhythmic punch. In the forefront are female vocals with male vocals
harmonizing, creating quite the stunning effect. Kerranging echoes of guitar
distrotion strum out a powerful yet effective string sound that shows a well-written
chord progression. Intense bass work along with clever drum slaps make this unit
just reek with success. Every song stands out, the female vocals piercing right
to the heart. The vocalist could stand on her own, but the male vocalist's
harmonizing is so unusual that it is intriguing. Civilized Society pack up a nifty
LP that isn't too fast or too clumsy, and that lets you just bop and enjoy. Hats
off to Civilized Society and Manic Ears.

Scorching out of New York is the latest in speedcore mayhem that rips with a fervous
desire, packing all the fast riffs in with metallic lightning licks. Here comes Prong.
a turbulent charge from a fast-paced three piece who mix up good lyrics in a berzerk
quest for vigorous strength and heavy iron thrusts. The compositions bring a metal
guitar in with a hardcore approach, so hollow leads roar out, as bass plucks kick
in the aggressive action and the drum work is strong without being repetitive. Harsh
vocals growl out of the larnyx for seven songs that blaze in a stop 'n go fashion,
mixing up the sound. Intense work from Mike Kirkland, Ted Parsons, and Tommy Victor,
otherwise known as Prong. Check out this debut demo.

Intense bulldozing power comes from a tough Japanese band who mix the sound qualities
of early Discharge and clamorous Swedish thrash outfits, to rage suddenly with an
awesome jolt and raunched out style. The furious Kuro whip up cross-fire thrash with
snapback detonation into a blazing rage of high volume brutality. Kuro's third release,
Fire, comes in a nicely packed envelope that includes a one-sided live flexi, a
nicely printed Kuro booklet, and a sticker. Snare/Hi-hat combinations set the pace for
roaring guitars, and a muffled vocalist shouts out the spit covered lyrics, maximizing
the effect of a good solid band with true vigor and abrasive punches. Among all the name
bands, Kuro is still unknown, but their sound should not be, this is a quality release
on KPP Records.

How about this? The next samhain album to be out on a major label might just come with
a Samhain comic book. That is, of course, unless Glenn decides to put it out himself
but it is in the works! It will feature cover art by none other than Michael
Mr. Monster Gilbert, and have inside stories by a whole slew of artists
including Faming Carrot's Bob Burden. this will be one fun affair.

Real gutsy stuff. fast, chaotic crunches of hammering, mayhem cranked loud with a
speedy metallic flavor storms out of Belgium as a band called X-Creta rampages with
a hauling assault. Like setting your stylus down on a Motorhead LP with the speed
at 45 rpm, X-Creta possesses that sound, except with thick, hoarse vocals(not the
Alvin Chipmunk type) growling fiercely as the sound roars wickedly fast and destructive.
Bulldozing guitar churns produce a violently loud and distorted effect that rages in
quickness and feedback, working nicely as sharp little lead teeth sink in. Totally
raw and abrasive, X-Creta mixes up a lethal dose of a Japanese scorcher with brutal
speed metal from the USA and comes out with a spastic, unique approach that has
interesting changes and definitely fast surges. The vocals and guitars create quite
the intense barrage, giving X-Creta its own style. Thundering stuff that will
vibrate the wax out. On Punk, Etc. Records. X-Creta's eight-song LP,
Patronizing the Heterodox is a sonic force.

When Katon De Pena left Hirax, the band lost a unique vocalist who made a sharp
impression int he speed metal realm with his high sopranic tones(which was quite
unusual since most fast bands have hoarse crooners and Katon's high-pitched
shrilling was definitely different). Katon became disillusioned with the music
industry and dropped out, but slowly he's gotten back into it. Enough to form a
new band called Phantasm, who have just released their first demo. So what's new
for Katon and the Phantasm crew? Well, mix a sound of fast and furious metal derived
from the likes of Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth, with a tad bit of hardcore roots
and, or course, a sound similar to Hirax, due to Katon's vocal duties, and you've
got a powerful locomotive, pushing a combustive load straight at 'cha'. Excellent
guitar work rips through, as an overall tight sound dominates and this new outfit
looks bright and on their way to a healthy following. Six tracks including an
ear-piercing rendition of S.S. Decontrol's "Glue". Phantasm are hot and ready.

The guitar whines into gear and the blitzkrieg begins. Rambunctious turbulence
hauling an incredible load of boiling insistence plunging fast with hoarse convictions
is Gudon. Stoic Violence is Gudon's second release, continuing where the
first left off. Noisy, grungy sound that is quick and non-hesitant as an exerting
vocalist flails the throat muscles with a deep corrosive thrust; pushes Gudon's power
one step further. Interesting guitar riffs, smashing out continually, bring this band
beyond the norm, as their lashing keeps you guessing. Three tracks by Gudon should be
enough to make anyone a fan. Distributed by Music Visions


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