April 1986

The following is the April 1986 installment of Puszone

Thanks to Scott Slimm for the article.

A lucent crimson glow reflected in the still puddles on the street,
a mirror image of the neon sign flashing on and off again in a
hypnotic manner. Small handfuls of nighttime frolickers wandered
in and out of the building which housed the flickering sign, as the
main door would open and shut, pushing loud bounding rhythms into
the dark atmosphere. Inside, the surroundings were ablaze in
flashing colors, vibrant with each beat of the pulsating sounds.
Squinting the eyes to see in this darkness full of spastic
expression, the vision focused on the followers of the melodies
present, seemingly entranced by each drum smash. Every chord
changed the actions of dance. The head filled with the quickly
surrounding temptation as the music engulfed the body with
invisible strings rapidly pulling in a sporadic fashion. No
control, the body became a puppet as it leaped about joyously with
the other slaves to the throbbing sounds. Laughter filled the arena,
as the music stopped. All movement ceased as eyes looked upward
to the mad disc jockey in the narrow booth who was the puppeteer
controlling the strings of rhythm, action by music. With a
vicious grin, the DJ looked across the floor, speaking loudly to
the open eyes, "Hahahaha...Welcome to the Puszone...hehehehe."
Bu then again...time for more hysteria fellow zoners as this month,
yet another flexidisc is being offered for a mere dollar.
Yes, a one band effort from a ferocious speed mayhem outfit from
England called Heresy! Six blazing songs of raging havoc
and metallic fury guaranteed to light up the senses. It's intense,
it's the Never Healed flexi available through the Puszone.

Ready to be spooked out of your skulls? Well, that new legion of
ghouls who call themsleves Samhain have risen again with a third
album full of guts and haunting harmonies driving the tombs skyward.
November Coming Fire is engraved on the stone with a burning
flame rising as the Samhain beast arises, while inside Glenn,
Eerie, Damien, and newcomer London May on drums bring the next phase
of ghostly mayhem into your home. This one lacks them all in,
combining raw savage rhythms with that creepy aura of delight, bringing
a growth to the sound established on the first two vinyl dabblings, yet
progressing into some new ground. Glenn Danzig's vocals are still
the focal point of this ensemble as he croons out melodies that itch
on your cranium with a finesse and smooth touch and add the right
depth to each song. Deep drum beats with the sinister string work of
both guitars add the flavor to enhance Danzig's powerful croons, evident
in classic pieces like "In My Grip","Let the Day Begin", "Birthright",
"Human Pony Girl", "Halloween II"(the reworking of the Misfits' classic)
with its wild guitar whelps and "Kiss of Steel". This vinyl meltdown brings
the coming of age for Samhain, as all the elements keep your ears
posted, with multiple listenings the sound just ricochets in the memory,
making the band a force to be reckoned with. Samhain keep it
dark in essence but fun in pleasure, utilizing guitars at precise
moments with snappy whines and hypnotic cries, a full sound that controls
its strength. one of the best releases in a while. On Plan 9 Records.

A picket fence surrounds the grounds of a rundown home, where a sound
ravished the air as a wild dog sticks its head through the wood and does
it Barkhard. Just like this raw Texas thrash mayhemic group does
with an abrasive quality that adds to its greasy flavor. Barkhard's LP
cuts with sharp bites of a young punk smasheroo gang, wild carefree and ready
to charge at any minute, yet still laying the line at being calm. But don't
trust for long as the blitzkrieg wraps you up fast. Spitting teeth quick
vocals by Todd Prince storm with a lightning-striking appeal as the drummer
gets cramps in the arms from banging hard on tender skins. Barkhard also
feature ace skater John Gibson on guitar whose licks are hectic and intense,
along with the lead power of John Hancock whining with metallic ferocity.
Thirteen chaotic songs with the aggression and forcefulness of that crazed
carpet draggin dog who just can't bite into your leg. Barkhard is definately
rabid, foaming with every inch of excitement. A promising skaterock release on
(get this) Zorlac Records. Now those are fangs!

OK, OK so they will soon be recognized at the kings of the new metal market in
the major field, and why not, they deserve it! But your curiosity as to what
that new release sounds like has you bangin' that mane already. Well, James,
Kirk, cliff, and Lars, also known under the moniker of Metallica have not
let you down but be ready for a surprise. Master of Puppets is intense!
Like nothing you have experienced. The craft of song writing here combined with
musical composition delivers the third and finest LP yet for the metal up your assers.
To those with the ordinary ear, it will probably blast right over your head, but
those who truly listen and hear the parts will witness first hand the delicate guitar
chord changes mixed with the fierce, still keeping the punch and the ouch of that
wall of power Metallica is known for. The crucial leads Kirk Hammet wires
out, brings forth the radical air guitarist, as Hetfield's axe charges with a unique,
chunky bite, roaring outrageous, not overpowering his barking vocals. Still the
guitars are heavy with a booming drum velocity to boost the vigor, and let's not forget
that "chunka-chunka" rhythm still prevails in a few songs keeping the momentum one of
the majestic manner. You might find a couple of songs lenghty, but musically they reign
supreme with so many well-worked ideas while the shorter numbers still hold the show
for you speed freaks. Tracks like "Battery" and "Disposable Heroes" will have your
adrenalin pumping as the acceleration grows. But the gutsy stuff like "Welcome Home
(Sanitarium)", "The Thing that Should Not Be", and the title track voyage you into a
wonderful Metallica journey. Musically, these four have held true to their inner
creative juices. The energy prevails, talentwise and with aggressive action in each
composition. Master of Puppets in an inspiring concept and an inspiring album
on Elektra Records.

Up and coming over at the BYO is a new Youth Brigade Lp entitled The
Dividing Line
, promising to be the best yet. Forget the rumors about a name change,
they are still Youth Brigade, only Adam left to pursue art school and his creative
energy, so there is a new bass player. Also coming soon from the BYO is the
Junior Gone Wild LP. A Swiss band called Hungry For What and German band
called the Smarties with A Bunch of Weirdos LP. Speedcore metalers
Slayer have signed to Def Jam Records. The label the Beastie Boys
are on, and this means yet another underground speed act has crossed over to the big
crowd. The Accused infamous Martha Splatterhead min-LP will soon be
re-released with four new tracks and a proper cover.

Wild with zoo, written all over it is a staggering nitro raging raucous ensemble from
out of Salt Lake City, called Maimed for Life. Unrelenting in vigorous combustion,
the flailing that persists here is of maniac doses as six screeching hauls spin you
headlong into a cyclone of ripping metallic thrash. Rifling riffs of extreme hardcore fury
bombard an onslaught of smaking drums, vocal shouts and clear lyrical assertions all
blistering on a seven inch platter. Check out "Close Minded", "Sins of War", and "Pawns
in Twisted Games", all bulldozing out this young energy. Maimed for Life, a jarring
new band.

"Born to Built to Grind", a Springsteen parody that is so hilarious and urgently radical,
is just the tip of the melting iceberg of colossal hits from the Stupids' Peruvian
LP. Direct, insistent, and spontaneous fun thrash throws savage seizures as
these fourteen tracks cause a whale of excitable commotion using assailing speed to the
fullest force. An uncontrollabel roar of a guitar sound sprays distortion in split second
slugs as the crazy highlights flash into a grinding drill effect, then the pace is off
again to blaring panic striken mayhem. The drums are smashing, splashing, and dancing
with this insane pace. But this is the Stupids and as a three piece, the activity
is more than menacing. Wake up it's time to crank, with "Wipe Out", "So Much Fun", "You
Shoulda Listened", "In Bed at Night", "The Pit", and can you handle the odd title track?
Then again there is always "This is the Norm?" which stops at nothing to be the fastest
tolerable song yet. Throw in a handful of sound effects and the Stupids win your
heart, a unique British band that is way off what's expected in the sound department there,
and more power to them, since this is a wonderful blast of a good time and the star of any
bash. Nog that head, the Stupids are invading Mars. On Children of the Revolution
Records. Demand it, damn it.

Brutal and hoarse, crunching down the barriers with raiding blows of metallic frenzy and
laced with heavy havoc frinding comes the second release of Ghoul from Japan. Growling
vocals intertwine with a galloping attack (Sounding like a hardcore Venom set) out
to wage chaotic friction and take all the rasp and charges untamed. Three tracks that
stormtroop the walls with a fast dooming rhythm captured irresistably on vinyl. Jerusalem
is crude, yet full of zest, unbaked, still raging with taste, and the riffs are heavy. Choice.
Hold Up Records.

Positive Outlook is a small 'zine/newsletter chock full of information, reviews, photos
and interviews. Comes out just about every week it seems and is totally up to date with the
facts. The best thing about this mini 5.5" by 8.5 " zine is that it's free! From hardcore
to speed metal, Eric packs it all in.

Looking through the dictionary to find a meaning for the odd-named Chicago based band, I
found nil, nothing to describe what Zoetrope means. When this black slab hits
the turntable and the speakers cranked out Zoetrope calls hardcore street metal,
it didn't really matter anymore, for the room exploded with a barrage of tough straight-
forward energy mixing the raw uncompromising speed of punk with the wild combustion of metal.
After a few listens, it kept striking me that this band, especially the singer, reminded me
of choice Kiss tracks, yet three times the velocity and quickness, always moving full
tilt ahead with cannon-balling strength. Amnesty features nine cuts of fluid
whirlwind power backed by two cleaving axemen, hacking away with a gutteral abrasive guitar
buzz and solid drum smacks. The vocals are a definate standout as the lyrics howl with
the rapid riffs. Not what you would call your typical metal ensemble, there is a sharp
hardcore influence, especially in hammering songs like "Break You Back", and "Amnesty".
Zoetrope are by far a good kick from the underground and it's great to know bands
like this exist to break the silence. On Combat Records.

Those old pals of D.R.I., the speed merchants Stark Raving Mad have put out
another crash course in high speed antics. America has a nice color cover, where
inside you'll get to taste some chaotic chunks of frenzied mayhem that stop and go with
numerable changes. Snapping vocals in the vein of Jello Biafra missle their way amongst
the total disorder of catapultaing drums, splashing cymbals, and urgent guitar blitzes.
Hot and boiling, Stark Raving Mad continue the insanity of speedcore craziness,
which outbursts into the nuthouse, unbuckling jackets as the brails flail boisterously.
Slob Records.