October/November 1986

In The Crowd

Article by Pushead as published in Thrasher Magazine.
October/November 1986

A vigorous roar storms out of a Marshall stack, pumping the
decibels along an intense barrage of solid hardcore riffs crossed in
with heavy metallic licks for a combination of speed and power, that
wallops a crucial blow. Screaming out of Northern California rushes
a band, full of momentum and aggression with a driving lyrical stance
who kick out a vicious sound which they've titled 'krunchcore'.
Attitude Adjustment is a combustive powerhouse with a rising fire,
which continually grows as the style and talent improves.

Introducing the smash and bash plummeting beats from Chris Kontos
who works the kit with a rapid frenzy. Adding mean garroting punches
to this explosive sound, Rick Strahl originally from Germany, flies
through the air, feet tucked back, strumming booming bass lines, heavy
with stamina, tight with precision, continually moving in a frantic pace.
Guitarist Chris Scaparro works the strings of a buzzsawing guitar wail,
aching back for an occasional lead, concentrating on meaty chord progression.
Upfront, always kicking the legs in every which way is the short man with
the big burly voice, Andy 'Airborne' Anderson, who growls with a foamy
grind, spitting out the significant lyrical content. Dealing on subjects
such as anti-war, drunk driving, and environmental topics, Attitude
Adjustment show their sincere concern to the world around them.

A ten song demo, two tracks on the End the Warzone compilation EP,
and soon a sixteen song LP entitled American Paranoia will bring
Attitude Adjustment to the crossover audience and beyond.

The following is the October/November 1986 installment of Puszone

Thanks to Scott Slimm for the article.

A bead of sweat ran down the face. A minute passed. Time was moving
slowly as Biology class dragged on. Boredom, the idle mind, thoughts
away, could the clock just go faster? Sitting in an isolated corner of the
room, I glanced at a shiny black object, which seemed to motion me
over. With the boring phase I was in, I'm sure my imagination could
comprehend anything beyond reality. I walked over and picked up this odd
shaped object, which was an ancient microscope, still draped in dust. I
blew off the collected dust and set it up on the table, neither the rest
of the class, nor the teacher, acknowledged my prescence was missing, so
I was free to eyeball this tubular playtoy. Using my shirt to rub off the
lens, I peered into the tubular chamber and movement quickly got my
attention. I focused it and observed the dancing action. Large black
objects radically moved around as if in violent motion. Was this bacteria?
I multiplied the vision to get in a tighter look. Seven dark figures
all shaped with odd proportions hurdled at each other, teething on the
black outfits. Like I was observing a war, I watched carefully, until one
of them noticed the gigantic eye of mine at the top of the tube. The
seven figures drew large swords and rushed up the cylinder. Startled, I
popped my head back as I watched little silver needles jut out of the lens.
As the needles came through, they grew radically, becoming larger by the
minute. Horrified, I lunged back, falling out of the chair I had been
positioned on. Suddenly, laughter roared through the room, I had gotten
the class' attention, and the teacher was scolding me. I got up and sat
back down. Curiosity made me look into the microscope slide holder to see
just what I had watched. A small piece of paper was on the glass with
the words PUSZONE on it. Hahaha, again the madness never stops. Welcome
zoners to another edition of the musical airwaves where the sound grabs
your attention.

Once upon a time, a couple of years back, a small handful of bands
popularized a style of music that went with their atitude, and slowly these
bands got recognition; most of those bands are now gone, yet still get large
sales for their vinyl outings. Those bands inspired a new breed of band
and one of those bands who do it with a strong sense of security and
dedication is Uniform Choice, this southern California outfit sounds
almost too similar to its originator, but an energy exists here that cannot
be denied and after the initial listenings, the Unifrom Choice style
comes out strong with demanding courage. This debut album entitled Screaming
for a Change
features fourteen steel-pounding tracks of straight
solid zip with harmonious edges, tight singalongs, speedy choruses and the
howlering vocal attack of Pat Dubar. Obviously you can guess who Uniform
Choice's main influence is, but it's a good influence for this band and
they make it work well, usually charging right at the mind with some rapid
cranks and well thought out personal lyrics that show emotion and intelligence.
A steady beat with a bit of variety brings you up close to the clever guitar
riff changes and the pulsating drum splashes, without an overbearing repitious
plodding. The mix really brings out Pat's vocals as he runs through memorable
songs like "Straight and Alert," "Use Your Head," "No Thanks," "Once I Cry,"
and the upfront title track. This is a good job, sometimes too close to the
original, but the fun lives on. Available through Wishing Well Records.

Even though the last release was not on Jeff and Ian's label, this one is,
and again is one of those new breed bands with that obvious onfluence. Except
this time, this band features ex-Minor Threat guitarist Brian baker and you'll
hear that side. Even though there are many variations, a style is a style. The
band is Dag Nasty, a hot D.C. outfit who feature Dave Smalle, ex of Boston's D.Y.S.
on vocals, who pours out his heart with effective crooning that really picks
up and brings this whole musical composition into its own. Add the booming
bass bites of Roger Marbury and the head-pounding beats of drummer Colin sears,
along with a superior production, you get Dag Nasty's debut ten songs album
Can I Say. Very professional packaging brings you a lyric sheet of
knowledgable beliefs and expressions all well-written, put finely to the tunes
and executed with a true passion. Take the straight driven attack of the melodic
Dag Nasty sound with all the heart behind it and you're experiencing some pure
hardcore in every sense. A dash of speed, a lot of harmony and fill the rest with
dedication and Dag Nasty breask down the walls. On Dischord.

Lastly in this new breed catagory, is a band who continues the power
originated in their home town of Boston, featuring a true 'hockey'
punch and could be as "yammering Mike Gitter" puts it, "The Miami Vice
GQ of Hardcore." A grinding guitar intensity driven at a medium pace,
hard with all the jolts introduce you to Slapshot. Features Jon A, ex
of D.Y.S. on bass and the raunched-out hoarse vocals of the crazed front man
with hockey stick in hand, Choke, ex of Negative FX. All together with
drummer Mark, Slapshotputs forth a wallop of aggressive vigor that stops
at nothing as it eats away with nervous tension, tight with creativity and
yodelling singalongs. The drills here are effective with intense lyrics
as the energy gets stronger with each beat. Pucks like "Back on the Map,"
"Chip on My Shoulder," "Addiction,", and the enhancing "Killing Frost"
make this debut slab, Back on the Map, a choice for hockey fans
and hardcore alikes. On Taang Records.

Ont he subject of the 'edge', the long-lasting survivors of that popular
hardcore rhythm, 7 Seconds have two, yes. count 'em 2, new albums
out. First released is the English version of that classic twelve incher
Walk Together, Rock Together, but this time it's an LP, with Side A
being the original 12" with the other two tracks from that D.C. session,
which appeared on the "Cleanse the Bacteria" LP. The B Side being a live
slice of Kevin and the boys putting it all out to a live crowd. True, Kevin
overdubbed the vocals, since he loves to hand the microphone out so
much, and it got a bit confusing after awhile. Impressive that Kevin could
do it so well. This is a great LP for 7 Seconds and should be sought out.
The second LP is the newest studio effort entitled New Wind, with
Steve's new baby boy on the cover. This 7 Seconds release will take a few ears
by surprise, but it's good to see the band take a change in direction without
losing grasp of what they're doing or set out to accomplish. Five songs
presented here are of the typical 7 Seconds style, that fill your head full
of harmonies and that throbbing beat, all really good but it's the other
eight songs that show the new 7 Seconds.First, kevin's vocals are calmer
with more of a soprano quality than before, and he's singing more than
talking, which really adds to this unique style. Then Steve's gone from bass
to guitar, showing a great deal of new musical inventiveness with sharp
stringy hooks and melodic riffs like a true expreienced axeman. Slower, with
poppier melodic rhythms, he new material could be destined for new popularity,
since the compositions have all the right punches. Tracks like "The Inside,"
"Somebody Help me Scream," "Expect to Change," and "The Night Away" show
bright promise while fan faves like "Put These Words to Music," "Still Believe"
and the title track will get you humming. All in all, 7 Seconds have grown
a lot, musically and mentally; it shows dramatically in their work. Now
whether their old fans will grow with them or remember the old days is to
be seen. Both albums on BYO.

Misfits/Samhain followers will find a host of vinyl being cranked out,
mostly limited colored releases, but the list is long so here goes. Watch
for Misfits-Enter at Your Own Risk LP, a collection of Misfits
greatest hits, said to be released soon and the first 2,000 with uncensored
10" sleeves. And the legendary Misfits box set of 4 rare seven inches is
due soon. Plus, Glenn uncovered some rare, unreleased Misfits tracks
like "Mephisto Waltz," "Return of the Fly" and "I Got a Right," which
might cone out as a 12" soon. And the Misfits classic 12" Die, Die
My Darling
will come out on white vinyl, limited to 500 copies. Now
to samhain, Glenn by now has finished the vocal tracks on the new Samhain LP,
yet untitled, with many major labels hot on the heels of Samhain. Watch
for colored wax Samhain vinyl-Unholy Passion 12" 200 white/500
red, Initium LP-500 red, November Coming Fire LP-500 orange,
and in England, a November Coming Fire pic-disc is being made.

Stylus meltdown occurs when a scorching black slab cranks out a wild
vibrant torch of non-stop ragers, electrified with the get-in-the-guts-
and-pretend-it-didn't-knock-your-wind-out-approach. This album is tough
stuff, with radical paced aggression licking open wounds with coarse sandpaper.
An unexpected surprise from out of Florida, comes Disorderly Conduct. Hauling
with a ferocious mayhem that is raw, yet polished, with an effective punk/metal
crossover as guitars are heavy and jamming with proficient riffs, mixing
up medium paced speed with hard grooves. Predominate are raspy vocals tonguing
all over the musical tightness, like a rabid animal, the voice growls and
snarls, adding appeal to the overall balance. Some rockin' tracks with the
mixture of punk and metallic bites bring this debut LP Amen to
the attention in sonic force. Well-produced and on Dirge Records.

A colorful fanzine with a Lee version of a Roth creep on the cover is
the san Diego based Black Market. This being its fifth issue (and
a fine effort as always) it is full magazine format, it comes with a free
sticker and stuff on GBH, LA Guns, Faster Pussycat, record and zine reviews
and tons of art including a host of comix. You'll find sone good art by
Lee, Mad Marc Rude, Gary Frayer and others. From core to spook, it has
something for all minds. This is the kind of zine you search for, one you
can depend on to be good and to come out.

Those punkers gone speedcore, English Dogs have put out another
raging fire-spitting release, this one creeps up on ya, called Metal
with three mighty fine electrical doses of metallic thrash
charging insanely. Full of 'chunka-chunka' riffs and crazed vocals spittings
smashed in with a wild barrage of chaos continually bombarding your
senses as the attack drives on, then a lead, and that heavy drum pounding
keeps your head nogging. Fast, fluid and full of combustive energy,
the English Dogs hit with "Absolution," "Let the Killing Begin" and
"Nightmare of Reality." You can see their metal desire, but sticking to their
hardcore roots keep an effective record alive with stamina. The last two build
up the pace to this stormtrooper, still To The Ends of the Earth is
perhaps one of the best speedcore releases to date. This Metalmorphosis
EP holds its own. A very decent outfit. On Under One Flag Records.

Zoom, zoom, the 1,000 mph barrage is here with a distorted blurr of
guitar eedback dynamiting the disorder with turbulent thrash. Straight from
France, the chaotic smashings of Rapt mix all the maniac desires of a speed-
freak into each number. High-paced drum destruction backed with crackling
growls from vocalist Olivier, brings this into the total mayhem league. To
top it off, Rapt is on one side, on the other is another French hardcore
ensemble, Final Blast who deal with thrash in a different way, not as fast,
with a more toe-tapping beat, still raw and uncompromising. Final Blast and
Rapt show some new energy out of France with talented potential;
even though this EP is crude, it works with a hungry fever. Final Blast/Rapt
EP is on the Italian label Chaos Produzioni.

Two bands out of England are surefire watch-fors, as they show new
unheard of talent from that area, while dusting up a titanic demolition.
First is the raves Extreme Noise Terror, wgo have since dropped the "Terror"
but one listen to this ten song demo and you'll wish they kept it in.
It truly fits. Fast, exhilirating speed that ramcharges brutality with
a solid force of hard-hitting guitar as an action packed drummer explodes on
the skins. The lightning strikes twice as dual vocalists scream in bloody
agony that fits so perfectly with the intense chaotic sound. Totally in sync
and well exectuted, Extreme Noise Terror mix a blend of Swedish kick-ass
thrash with the graunched out madness of Japanese hardcore and bring down
the house in rapid chunks of frenzied excitement. This is definitely hot
stuff, a band so unique, they can't be missed. Write to Manic Ears.
The other is another full-blast headblown bombshell demo by Napalm Death.
Definitely a hardcore band with an obvious heavy metal influence, the blend
goes crazy as the speed takes off, split second spurts of crazed energy
digs in thrash and comes out hard, only to dash back to that quick barrage of
a maniac barker shouting insanely. Garroting drum quakes slam down violently
in a speedy paced fury; the pace slows down, melting with that dirge-y guitar
again into a full tilt attack. A totally offbeat combo that works rampantly.
Napalm Death are another new rising talent in the United Kingdom, mixing
thrash with metal, still keeping the lyrical content strong and their beliefs
high. Good ear damaging stuff.

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