July 1986

The following is the July 1986 installment of Puszone

Thanks to Scott Slimm for the article.

Metal smashed mard against maetal. The klanging of iron ricochets into
the silent surroundings, as two giant warriors battle it out with unstoppable
fury. Flying fists smash hard across steel armor, plunging the balance to
near falls with savage attacks. Stopping for an instant, the two colossal giants
stand tall with a bright sun reflecting off their shiny dress, gleaming with
hatred, sneering toward victory. A white bird flies above, casting a small
shadow amongst the duel, as the two dive back into vicious battle. Pushing
crucial blows forth, they collide, locking arms, when suddenly a scream fills
the atmosphere. "Bobby, what the hell are you doing?!" "I'm out in the
sandbox, playing with my robots, mom," he replies. "Well, you get in this
house this very instant young man, and wash your hands. Your Puszone's on the

Hahaha zoners, let the madness begin with this month's blasting chaos in the
Puszone. Still got that speed classic flexi Heresy for $1.00,
it's going fast, plus a whole lot of other wild items. And hey, as always,
thanx for the ever-loving support.

Introducing from West Germany, the impressive debut from a band entitled
Tu-Du Hospital. The name comes from a hospital in the Far East that
treated victims during the war. A nice juicy black pizza hides inside a gatefold
sleeve, full of English lyrics vocalized by Winni, who spent some time in America.
His experience seems to have had a gigantic influence on this Tu-Du Hospital LP.
Prepare yourself for a rabble rousing hectic voyage of speedy riffs laced with
some metallic wacks that charge strong, breaking the dam, flooding that play-loud
syndrome with intense doese of fast hardcore mayhem. Interesting compositions hit
rapidly with choice melodic bits, then turn around and grind out some havoc laden
notes. This is definately not the sound you'd expect to hear from a German band, as
Tu-Du Hospital mix up a variety of styles with guitar leads, wailing vocals,
solid drumming and an overall, up front attack. Recorded at Emma, the world reknowned
squat in Amsterdam, Holland, this album, properly labeled Patients of... features
sixteen tracks that will scorch the stylus, white hot with burning energy. A fine debut.

Sometimes I see people spazz out when the hear a good release. When this album goes
on the turntable, not only do people go flipping crazy, the paint peels off the walls.
It's been awhile, but this second release by Holland's premier thrash barrage, B.G.K.,
is precisely the sonic scorcher you dream of. A continual no-holds-barred jump
into the fire, musical and lyrical beset that sparks absolute ferrocious mayhem.
This is it. Wild, flailing guitar work strums rapidly with a clean pounding of
drums makes way for Rene's shouting vocals, which hold a hard harmony pushing the
truth strongly out. A slight change in the line-up since the last album, now features
Tony on guitars and a new bass player, C.V. Ketels. Yet the hair still stands on end
in dancing obedience to the full frontal zoomfest. BGK tongue out. Mind blowing
BGK continue to dish out one outrageous meat that fills the brain with tracks
like "Pencil Pusher", "No Limbs", "Computer Control", "Bloodsuckers", "Injected Insanity"
and eleven more. There's no need for dessert. Fast, solid, driving the decibels mad
with clamourous levels, BGK thrust it all into Nothing Can Go Wrong and
naturally the storm wipes you out. A thrill. On Vogelspin Records. Licensed
on Alternative Tentacles in the U.S.A.

A brand smacking new label has started to crank out some raging releases, formed under
the name New Beginning Records. The label, hosted by Mike (of KDVS fame)
and a cast of thers, hopes to meet early success with the first seven inch platter by
Crippled Youth. A tight young bunch of guys from the east who buck hard
with a growling gusto of discharging speed and hoarse screaming vocals. Exhibiting
a formula like the classic bands of the Boston hardcore scene, Crippled Youth
smack out nine energetic dashes with direct, to-the-front torpedoing action. Pounding
with bulletins of strenuous combustion, the songs outbreak at a high paced banzai,
uproarious in sound deliverance, slowing for only a second, then back to the split
second meltdown. A raw feel that stirs with the raunch tones of shouting vocals
makes a compelling combination on their first release. Crippled Youth's Join
the Fight
EP, is a good way to start a record label.

Time to hop on the plane and experience some brutal action over in Japan. Hold on,
'cause the take off is about to explode with mayhem, as a band called Corruption
of Peace
introduce their first LP, Confusion, and this is more than
a pipebomb. Sixtenn extreme tracks that fly with speed, smashing cymbals, furious
drum smacks, screeching guitars and a crazed crooner by the name of Kevin Crow. Yes,
that's right, an American who howls with a wicked snarl as he punchs the English lyrics
straight down your throat. Total thrash crushing occurs on this album, while the
onslaught never backs off. Corruption of Peace keep in the tradition of style
familiarized in Japanese hardcore...tough vocals, speedy licks with metallic overtones,
and a full-blown torque-out delivery enough to catapult you into a frenzy. Sharks bark
at this rampant brigade. It's ingited with potent magnitude and puts some popular U.S. bands
to shame. It's a lightning basher for sure! On Tokyo Punks Club Records.

On the back cover it statees, "This record is disgustingly cheap with play drunk or shot.."
What? Yes, that's right, madness exists on this LP, crazed insanity! Japanese firebolters
Lipcream kick in teeth with their Kill Ugly Pop LP that is rambunctiously
vigorous and blooming with speedcore excitement. The artillery begins to fly as the
chaotic zoomfest begins with Jha Jha on vocals, Naoki-guitar, Minoru-bass and Pill
slamming the drum skins like there's no tomorrow. Stimulates the entire nervous system
with a frantic display of energetic alarms that claw forth the untamed regions of thrash,
keeping it raw and temperamental, driving the noise straight out of the electric chair.
Intense warfare that piledrives this rapid sound through the amps with a bombing guitar
distortion and graunched out vocals. The effect is fabulous, and Lipcream rate high
with this stampeding album. One of Japan's ten best bands! On Capitan Records.

To some, it's cool to be down on these guys, but others have stuck it out since the beginning,
always loving the sound. It's taken awhile between releases, but GBH fanatics
beware, their new disk, Midnight Madness and Beyond kills in the tradition of
"Leather, Bristles, Studs...", that classic 12" EP. Great stuff, perhaps the best GBH
stuff since! Headbopping melodies start the flow of adrenalin packed juices as this
raucous sound grinds with that popular continuous beat. Colin's vocals are in fine form,
holding a strong harmony for easy sing-along capability. Up front guitar work by Ross and
Jock has that buzzsaw feel to bite down into the brutal riffs and deep raucous sensations.
Twelve tracks of rigorous fury featuring "Iroquois", "The Seed of Madness", "Limpwristed",
and "Chance for a Living", all with that gut-crunching flavor that's unforgettable.
GBH have not gone metal. Even though they are popular in that field, they still bolt
it strong in their ever unrelenting style, and will attract a good sized audience with this
barn stormer.Fun stuff like the old days. On Combat Core Records

German skate punks gone amok! Abrasive exertion that hauls at an ambitious pace, ready
to strike with a few blasts, is a band from Germany called Sons of Sadism. This
six song 7" EP features a hollow distorted guitar sound that cranks blisters into
flying fingers, as a vocal crew hits back-up chorus harmonies to punch in tight rhythms.
Still untamed in their thrash direction, Sons of Sadism hammer it down harshly
with good structures to shatter a few tweaters when loudness blows this four-piece
attack through the speakers. A promising debut. On Double A Records

One of the most requested vinyl slabs these days is the Accused's classic Martha
12" Ep, which of course was limited to a 500 pressing and is now long
out of print. Well, search no more, because it's being re-released, but hold on, there's
more... Besides the title, The Return of Martha Splatterhead, this PVC slab now
consists of thirteen excruciating tracks to blow your everloving brain to mere smithereens.
Yes, the original five area still intact, and the other 8 all scorch with that lethal desire
to churn out the bloodiest of splatterfill! Chants are being heard in the speedcore hall
of fame for those aggressive mongers out of Seattle, The Accused who rage to the
third power. Then the mass barrage of speed, accelerating the Fahrenheit to unwithstanding
levels, finally smash in the terror of Blaine Cook's vocals as he cavorts in and out with
such a frenzied form, taunting the bellicose attack. The invasion of speedcore mayhem is
here. Bolt your doors, the Accused grind it out hard, fast, and with a wink of
the eye, the rush is upon you. The Return of Martha Splatterhead in larger quantities
on Subcore Records. So everyone gets it this time. Is that Blaine laughing?

Concrete Sox - LP
Stinky Rats - "Vergognati" LP
Gargoyle - "Golden" Tape
Attitude Adjustment - "American Paranoia" LP
Negative Gain - LP
English Dogs - "Metalmorphosis" 12"
Onslaught - "The Force" LP
Consumer Blackmail - Comp Tape
Ripcord - "West Coast Thrash" Tape

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