November 1984

Igor's Record Collection

Reviews by Pushead as published in Thrasher Magazine.

SKATE ROCK - Blazing Wheels and Barking Trucks LP - Thrasher Mags.

Yo, dude, um...behold this classic second volume of Skate Rock grinded
savagely into licorice vinyl which packs thrusters of, um, featured on this
here Thrasher platter is, just got to be, the line-up, far-out, eh?
Yea...I read with both scorching eyeballs the letters, Faction, JFA, Kingpins
(with Casual boot), Big Boys, TSOL, McRad, Borscht, Drunk Injuns,
Tales of Terror, Free Beer, los Olvidados, Anvil Chorus, and these Ancestors:
Gods of Sound. Wow. Well produced, the music, um, transcends the aerial planes,
only to land in that cranium shell, ya know, shakes me up. Fun, fun, fun, and
that dude, Mofo, did a hell of a job with this...everyone applaud. It even has,
um, this turgid magenta color cover, which is how your face looks, hee, hee,
hee, when da Mo' digests up that last burrito, ya know, gnarly guy! het. Rad
action to massacre your deck to, man. Are you listening...?

THE UNTOUCHABLES - Live and Let Dance LP - Twist Records

High-stepping, toe-tapping blue beat, for all you Mod/Ska skanksters
raving that irresistable swirling sound. The untouchables mix a feverish
flavor of reggae, R&B, soul and ska dance keys, with an effective brass
background harmonizing this energetic diversity of pleasure rhythms.
This young, seven-piece, multi-racial outfit positively charge their
vitality out of L.A. to the world in the tradition of the Specials,
Madness, or the English Beat, letting the audience feel some fluid tick-
tocking sounds. "Free Yourself" is the highlight track, with a very '60s-ish
blend of catchy elements that has a happiness to its swinging beat, as
hypnotizing bass and guitar work strum out an infectious charm. With
The Untouchables hot on the heels of success, looks as though the ska
movement might hit it big again. as those feet blaze a dancing floor.

The following is the November 1984 installment of Puszone

Thanks to Scott Slimm for the article.

Muscular convulsions whince out facial contortions, as the
screaming sound rattles electricia charges underneath the
hair risen flesh. Grinding roars force grimacing stares from the
spectres in the gallery, but the crypt is empty, for the sound
continues with a deafening shrill. A light reflects off a revolving
disc as it sends flickers of sudden glows against the walls.
Further inspections proves to be a wise decision, for the noise
screams from the disc, by an arm holding a needle where the
stylus missed the groove and bumps along the vinyl's side,
racking out hideous growls of rough turbulence. A flash
of the hand, the placement is made, and the journey into
the Puszone begins...

Scorching metallic hardcore blasts wild and feverous as six
Japanese bands prove to be crazed aggression packed in speed
flurries. Hard hitting riffs and maniac iron leads send up to
this furious attack, each fronted by a raspy, raunch vocalist.
Great Punk Hits offers twelve slices of chaotic activity
from Japan, each with a menacing wallop. Featuring action packed
assaults by Gism, The Execute, Laughing Nose, The Clay, G-Zet
and Aburadako. This compilation vinyl increases the demand for
this new combination of raw hardcore punched in with speed metal.
Great Punk Hits has a ferocious onslaught of compelling
power, a must for slammashers everywhere! On Japan Records.

If the vocals weren't nasty enough on that last platter, wait till
your ears get tarnished by the clamorous siege of Die Kreuzen's
Dan Kubinski. Blistered tonsils split open as he wails
out the spit paced growling, a titanic demon which holds your mind
in fear. The sheer grounded flavor of the grievous voice makes your
curiosity rage in what the next track offers.

Completely insane besets of missiling quickness and savage bass
plucks highlight Die Kreuzens debut album. Brutal perfomances of
unrelenting fury ravages spasms of exhilating assertiveness.
Die Kreuzen force feed 21 alarming tracks (each a highlight
in its own right), filling all combinations of vigorous energy
and full tilt expressionism. Well-produced with crazed outer
graphics, this exceptional platter haunts as it storms with speed,
velocity, and engulfing vocal strength. Finally the true slice.
On Touch & Go Records...of course.

Robust harmonies in the vein of 7 Seconds, Minor Threat or Youth
Brigade, charge forth from the Oxnard field of unique outfits,
with Stalag 13, on their debut vinyl, In Control. Well
arranged harmonies that bounce rapidly in your brain with strong
sing along capabilities. Progressive guitar leads launch you into
spicy musical blends of frantic power with the off beat of Ron's
vocals to the band's sound composition. But the effects work with
a charisma all their own and add to the vigor of Stalag 13.
Tame yet raw with sheer fire, spped and building chord changes
makes this another favorite on the turntable. Another cult hit.
Stalag 13, the inspiration is obvious, but nicely done, on Upstart

Earatic meltdown of marvellous delight drips its way into perhaps
one of the finest 7" eps yet produced. The Instigators The Blood
is on Your Hands
has that potential, for it has all the right
licks, and special hooks that keep the creative sound alive. Hailing
out of the U.K., The Instigators musical arrangements thrust with a
melodic rapidness as a sharp band ensemble fire out superb performances
as the rhythms change with structure. Vocal manifestations throughtfully
worded and truthfully spewed out attack as The Instigators travel thru
hardcore havoc and add a new slice of creativity to its exhilirating
stance. Fast, stirring, powerful and alarming yet smooth with gusto.
Strong beliefs will get minds thinking as The Instigators fill your
ear full in the tradition of the U.K. Subhumans. On Blurrg Records.

Two outrageous seven inchers on the Rabid Records label assail
with a hammering sonic thrash explosion. Urgent cyclones of chaotic
intensity shoot forth from this vinyl voltage. First, blazing guitar
action charges into sudden high velocity flailing from The Offenders.
I Hate Myself is perhaps their strongest number yet with its
ightning gast approach and crackling vocals, but still jaunting the
line of disorder. Gonzoid lashes from this Offenders unit, drives,
drives chills into the open wound, as the maniac turbulence is swift
and effective. A tasty release. Secondly, N.O.T.A. (None of the Above)
whips five songs into a frenzy of untamed fury, increasing the artillery
of aggression with each passing note. Brutally fast with tongue tying vocals,
the guitars are walls of distorted pleasure arising with firebolts of
hungry licks. Blitzing drum bites, hammer down some contagious ability.
N.O.T.A. hail from Oklahoma, their acceleration and courage to engage
in this thrash warfare is staggering with no 'generic' tendencies, as
invading changes progress with bulldozing power. Both The Offenders and
N.O.T.A. offer some mighty incinerating rhythms, quick and eager, yet
shimmering with exuberance. Available through Rabid Records.

Conflict, the essential political thrash, disorder attack from the
U.K., have released their second album entitled Increase the Pressure
and indeed Conflict does. Haunting chaotic slides of furious guitar
neck action, spews out lethal grinds of forceful mayhem. Conflict
spits out instigation to the majors, challenging while slege-hammering
down the truth, seemingly overpowering the galloping sound which
backdrops the strength of Conflict's beliefs. Anxious and crazed, with
the rage of a blizzard, Conflict blurt out speed and destruction,
which creates its own harmonies. It then soothes, catching you off
guard, victimized as the melodies grow to high intensities.
Conflict contain a quality that reflects their positive activist
stance, with the inferno starting to rise, Conflict's invasion
will be the first step. Listen, think and enjoy. This is a
fabulous dose of raw helpful power. On Conflict's Mortar Hate Label.

76% Uncertain-LP
Poison Idea-12" Demo
SSD-How We Rock LP
Raw Power-LP(Italy)
Accused-Splatter Demo
Bouncing Babies-Comp LP
Flag of Democracy-EP
Broken Bones-LP