April 1985

The following is the April 1985 installment of Puszone

Thanks to Scott Slimm for the article.

Hey Puszoners! Here it is, another column of crazed record reviews,
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Another venture into the world of seven inch spinning madness. This
time, the journey takes us to Germany with a hot and hungry release
by the Upright Citizens, which in fact was actually put out in Sweden.
Thundering with ravenous power, Germany's Upright Citizens produce
their finest release to date. Five songs driving a mature affective
approach, that has a very forward quality of speed, ambitious
guitar work, distinctive bass hammering and steady drum beats.
A hoarse growling vocalist spits out some aspiring English
lyrics written well and organized effectively within the
musical structure. "Future Dreams" is a compelling piece featuring
nice acoustic guitar work, a different type of punk melody,
more in the flavor of Alarm, a bold change of pace. "Right
Way," "Bombs of Peace," and "Dead Blood" all scorch with an immense
attack of raiding rhythms, intense and quick. The Upright Citizens
are a smooth quality outfit, watch for them on their summer U.S. tour.
On Skvaller Records.

Next a split by two harmonic German bands. The Disaster Area/Die
Schlimmen-Finger seven inch animates a good force in melodic punk
in the English Oi or Misfits type vein. Lots of sing along varieties.
Disaster Area is a skate band and start off their side with "Skate
Tonight" a new skate anthem featuring "Mommy, can I Go Out and Skate
Tonight?" Eager and engaged in producing fun tunes, Disaster Area
bring forth a distinct character of song stylings that strives to please.
Two nerve tinglers to howl with! Die Schlimmen-Finger are enjoyable
from start to finish with lots of choruses and toe tapping delights.
Medium paced punk that is well constructed. A fine release on Vinyl

Then there is the Maniacs with a four song platter that goes insane
in mind-thrashing mayhem, as drums feverously churn out banzai wacks
of havoc. Speedcore guitar riffs hail in invasions of savage drivings,
pacing quickness with boiling fury. Unique scratchy vocal stylings
induce this chaotic barnstormer into a full tilt devastation. Fast
split second energy spurts out chaos, as the maniacs blitz an ear
crushing appeal. If you want fast, the Maniacs deliver, at its
bombastic best! On Vinyl Records.

High calibur brilliance comes from two new English releases. First,
Anti-Systems-"No Laughing Matter," an outrageous speedcore thrash
with strong politically aware opinions that storms in snarling vigor.
Fasten your seat belts as the sound Anti-System crunch down catapults
a seizure of exhiliration in your body. Fast, intense musical
arrangements with statements and spoken words in between. Solid power
and distortion soars as it hits song anfter song, effectively gaining
a magnitude of strength in this clawing onslaught. "Rhetorical Statement,"
"Strange Love," "Big Fall Out," and "Wot No Meat?" stand out with
manifesting words and steer undenying power. Has a lot of metallic
grinding that enhances the already creative harmonies. Reminds one
of the classic Anti-Sect LP, this LP's worth of Anti-System material
is the best yet, it overloads with pleasure! On Reconciliation.

The other English release which brings very melodic hardcore string
with strong lyrical statements in the Intigators "No one Listens Anymore."
Perhaps one of the best ten records of 1985, the Instigators music is
that which deserves praise and appreciation. The album's worth of tremendous
brilliance features the Instigators at their finest; "Dine Upon the Dead,"
"The Fix," "Free(You're Not)," "Nobody Listens Anymore..." are just some
of the impressive song writings accomplished here. Very strong rhythms
which stay in your mind and grow with each listen, as you experience the
crafty guitar work which can be speedy, then slow and effective. Pulsating
bass adds fine setting to each piece as the drums work with the song and
pierce through at each correct moment. The Instigators front a very unique
vocalist whose charismatic voice travels with the music and adds a flavor
of strength that gets the humming started. Lyrically, the words reflect
their opinions which are direct and well thought out, a lot of heart goes
into each song. If you are a fan of the Subhumans, the Instigators will
surely win your heart. This is really fine. On Bluurs Records.