May 1985

The following is the May 1985 installment of Puszone

Thanks to Scott Slimm for the article.

Gusts of abrupt sound spray a menacing appeal across the open
room. Bodies stand silent in position, as if waiting for the chaotic
notes to attack their releaxed state. Then, with a thunderous roar,
letters fly off a page, like notes of distorted rhythms, as the
room becomes an arena of shapes from the alphabet, all strewn out
from one column. Welcome to the Puszone, a quest into a cheap
dictionary full of adjectives and sportscaster-type sayings,
where the underground noise is what matters. Check into Pushead's
new mail order service, full of Puszone oriented material and
other potential brain bombs. Just send 3 stamps for the latest
list! Plus...Putrid Evil flexi disc, featuring 5 songs
by Civil Dissident, Septic Death, and the Stupids. A good dose,
only $1.00 post. paid. Stickers for 2 stamps, and don't forget
to send your vinyl releases.

So, you've been searching for just the hot release to blow your
ears off? Well, it's here, in a dynamic little seven inch skull-
scorcher call the Stupids Violent Nun. Intensive care
unit, here we come, as the Stupids siege an escalating high
speed split second sound and just engulf maximum energy with
this outrageous eight song colossal blast. The Stupids are three
young lads from England, who present a chaotic harmony that is
nothing near the normal U.K. sound, yet is more familiar with
those early Dischord releases. Remember the Teen Idles,
S.O.A., Minor Threat, etc., etc., yes th Stupids have produced
something that classic! Fast, fearful and fun, the Stupids
wail with all their might in direct tracks like "Elephant Man,"
"Skid Row," "Taken Too Many," "I Am Ill" and all the rest of
this bouncing beat merchant, mayhem. Radical to say the least,
this is just one of those exceptional releases. On the hot
new label C.O.R.!!

Ah, yet another gladiator speedcore ambush from Japan. Gastunk
on their debut EP, really push outward with some chaotic uprising
and sheer metallic guitar distortion. Wild, vivid bolts of
cycloning power stirs up the seas of sound as Gastunk zoom vital
bulletins of rapid fury. Good recording gives this a full strike
in the right direction with blazing string work, heavy bass, and
plunging drum smacks. Sharp vocal grunts by ex-Execute voice
Baki, really is the highlight of this brute smoker. With
that in effect, this really has similarities to the Execute, yet
Gastunk work in their own style with catapulting results. B-side
cranked high to "shout" a gushing track of stamina and rapid velocity.
Gastunk who are a sharp young band who should go far. On Dogma

The steam rises as the guitars grind out an echoing assault of
streamlined abrasive action and raging speed. This is Bannlyst,
an extreme thrash attack from Norway, with crushing vocal growls
that melt in with the punching spurts. Slaughtering slices of
brutal energy invades the senses as Bannlyst's La Dem Ikke
Lure Deg
EP outbreaks into a sonic raid of quick riffs and
a boiling wrath of combustion. Comes with English translations
of all lyrics, and a nice packaging effort. Bannlyst snap and
growl in full exhilirating inertia on this excellent 7 song EP.
Has an appeal for both crowds, it's fast and efficient! On X-
port Platter

Now we're talking superior effort on all sides. The new Conflict
EP sports a pay no more than 49p on the sleeve, which means
you shouldn't be spending more than $1.50 at the shops. Conflict
brings their awesome display of chaotic mayhem to you at a low
price with intense beliefs and straight forward opinions. A well
stood stance by Conflict, check out the writings on the poster sleeve,
extreme and manifesting! Now the music wails with all the power and
turbulence you've come to love from Conflict, invigorating with
an early Discharge feel, it shouts and storm, never backing off.
Fully continuing the pressure and the attack, cheers to Conflict
for this whole hearted effort, support this, it's wonderful and
exciting. On Mortarhate Records.

charge into an erupting barrage of speedcore with harmonious
choruses and whining metallic blazes. From Canada comes
Beyond Possession whose first EP kicks in some strong rumbles
at speed, intensity and hard hitting momentum. Frantic vocals
lash out a growling throat appeal, as the ensemble works through
some glass shattering stormers as a frequent guitar crys in speed
chords and spasmodic screeches. Beyond Possession haul with a
bellicose strength, not backing down, still continuing the thrash,
yet heavy in rabid metal influences. A Battering Ram release,
worthy of heavy airplay! Nice well drawn symbols cover this viny!
On Rooter Records.

Unrestrained speed feverously zooming with lightning scorches of
ultrasonic thrashes. Ranking as one of the fastest, Negazione break
out with a total maniac warfare of crazed alarms. Similarities to
Raw Power, yet twice the quickness, Negazione hail from Italy
and the rambunctiousness energy is let loose with massive exertion.
Flip this gem over and its Tutti Pazzi, who also rage in rapid fury,
incredible guitar stabs of electric zip and chilling vocal shrills.
Both bands take it to the boiling point and run amok, a release of
total reckless abandon. A Negazione and Subvert production.