March 1985

The following is the March 1985 installment of Puszone

Thanks to Scott Slimm for the article.

A cryptic passage, dark in gloom laden tones, travels far and depp
into the catacombs of the core. Slow dripping crimson, smoothly
etches down the subterranean walls, as light reflects off the shiny
bone contortions of skull like fragments buried tight into the
quagmic dirt. A shadowy figure stands blocking the light that seems
to enter, as a sound travels quickly from the shape into the depths.
Uproarious in perception, the noise echoes off the stagnant walls,
bringing life to the sullen creatures, impatiently awakened from their
peaceful slumber. Harmonies of chaos storm from a silver box, the
figure gently holds, as the silence becomes madness with words lunging
to be heard. The light shines through and the passage to the Puszone
has begun, the sound beyond the silence.

Roaring grooves thrust a momentous shizoid attack of wailing
energy as leads burn in metallic fury. English Dogs' To the Ends
of the Earth
12" scorches in sonic speedcore delight, four sledge
hammering slices whining with power and loud energy. This U.K. onslaught
is staggering as the zealous hammering of hardcore mixed-in with raw
speed metal. Plus feel the turbulent madness of "Ambassador of Fear,"
"Survival of the Fittest" and "Incisor" which powers a heavy drum beat,
loaded with guitar firing as the vocalist growls out the mayhemic lyrics.
Quickly paced, delivering every inch of ferocious brilliance. The
English Dogs have stepped up, with this 3rd release on Rot Records,
and opens the door for a wider audience. yet still overloading with
break-neck acceleration. A blazing release with all the right gusto!

And in this corner, ladies and genterlem...The F.U.'s! Do We Really
Want to Hurt You?
is the third bombastic release packing some thumbless
punches with swirling aggression and raging determination. THe music the
F.U.'s deliver here is a maturing of rhythms and harmonies which they have
grown with, still tight and vigorous, a bit more guitar sound, thundering
with dexterity. 14 stirring songs featuring "Warlords," "Young Fast
Iranians," "Walking Tall", and "Pennies from Heaven" where John's vox
sounds like Shawn of Youth Brigade. Good production gives the F.U.'s the
rousing sound they so arrogantly bash out. Four nice guys in nice ties,
John, Wayne, Furry Bob and Gentleman Steve, but you would think it's
hardcore hour on Ed Sullivan, but seriously, the F.U.'s hit the metal
as they drive it to town. Exceptional and enjoyable, worth many listens.
Good work guys, but where did you get the cover? Ha ha. On Gastanka/Enigma

Foreign flailing that begins with Z. First from Germany comes Zerstorte:Jugend,
and abrasive thrash assault quick with guitar brutality and smashing drums.
Powerful hardcore that is well structured with rapid arrangements and good
vocal capabilities. Maniac licks which cash out in raw unrelenting emanation,
as the pulse beats harder, fierce untamed havoc enchants with an exerting appeal.
Zerstorte:Jugend jolt across 10 frantic paced harmonies in the tradition of
Inferno amd Boskops, this is another hot German outfit to bounce with, waiting
for each melody to burst out and crunch down on the cranium cavity. On Schlitz

Take a Belgium band, give it a cranked up, grinding guitar sound, superfast
vocals, full spped skin smashing and when it's all put together, it is a
whirlwind of sheer energy charging at your easrdrums, then set down the stylus
to Zyklome A. An intense vinyl licorice slab of cavorting urgency, exultant
in raw chaotic fury, pushing all limits aside and letting loose. Made in
houses 16 piledriving thruasts at radical bulletins charging
to be heard. Full stamina at a split second pace, Zyklome A is a young
piece determined at bombarding the mind with all the aggression they
possibly push outward. Intense and vital, it squeezes blood into the brain
with invigorating strength. Very good rhythms. Available from Punk, Etc..

Raw Voltage from North Carolina, erupts the ugly Americans. Sudden blasts
of darting hardcore, sometimes wild, others crazy, yet still providing a
compelling release. Garage energy, young and ferocious is evident here,
with similarities to early MDC or the Circle Jerks, high in spirits and
ability, always increasing the gust of power. Medium paced melodies are
sometimes basic, other times very creative, building a good force of guitar,
bass and drums, yet the vocals are mixed a little too high in the production.
Fun stuff, a band to watch for, as their talent grows, on Discipline Records.

When good compilation albums come out, they all seem to do so at the
same time. From deep down under comes a very well-produced effort that
squirts creative juices and sets the excitement flowing. Eat your Head
is an exceptional Melbourne, Australia double 12" set, that comes equipped
with a fold out poster sleeve full of wild art, photos, lyrics and band info.
The music is wide variations of hardcore, from the abrupt powerful rhythms
of Civil Dissident who scorch out two sonic tracks, End Result with their
wild sound and both male and female vocals, Permanent damage with fast raw
English sound, yet still driving hard, and I Spit on Your Gravy who mix
split second turbulent thrash into mighty combustible strength. "Violent Fluff"
is such a chaotic track, humorous yet quicker than lightning. Plus also
featured is Mad Flowers, Vicious Circle, Muder-Murder-Suicide, Scum, Royal
Flush, Bodies, and Charred Remains. Eat your Head is perhaps the best
release out of Australia yet, check into this.

The Netherlands have been producing some intense hardcore bands lately,
full of turbulent thrash kicked in with grinding aggression and now
comes a split LP that spews out volcanic mayhem featuring two young
and exciting outfits. Fist is Larm, who explode the decibels in split second
sonic eruptions of micro thrash melodies. Fast, fast,fast, these guys are
closely similar to D.R.I. or Pandemonium in their maniac approach.

Twenty eight steam rolling trips into thrash madness, that are well
delivered and attacked. The other side featured Stanx who kicked out
the energy with quickness and power. Raw stuff by both these bands, all
on a record brought out by "Eris Hoop" called Melkboer Strikes
on Eenheidsfront Records, look for this one!