September 1985

Christ On Parade

Article by Pushead as published in Thrasher Magazine.
September 1985

Outside, the weather is brisk with a slight moisture in the atmosphere.
Noisy confusion persists on the paved black asphalt as the automobiles
slowly inch forward in the continually jamming traffic. On the concrete
walkways, below the glitter of flashing lights, stands a restless crowd
of enthusiastic individuals. They are talking amongst themsleves, creating
havoc with the tourists who walk by in hair-raising panic, weaving in and
out of the crowd, wildly skating mayhem madness and occasionally screaming
at the tops of their lungs to the pandemonium in the streets. After much
delay a grovelling man, looking half asleep and smelling of pungent alcohol,
slowly opens the dark, poster pasted doors to the low ceiling of this run-down
musical club. The crowd hesitantly ventures into a dimly lit area, stretched
out in its small size. Directly in the forefront sits a low-standing stage
about two feet above the ground, where musical instruments have been
appropriately placed.

Five unusual characters clumsily stumble about the stage in the faint
illumination that exists, picking up their pieces for tonight's performance.
Furthest on stage left, a short young man in ripped jeans, a plaid shirt
hanging from his waistline and two different colored shirts hanging from
his shoulders, reaches down and picks up a guitar. A rather waxed mohawk
protrudes off of his head, starting at his left eye and inching its way
across the side of his scalp. Checking to see if the guitar is in tune,
frenzied distortion echoes across the club. He is called Noah. Another
member, again in ripped jeans with an ammo belt wrapped along his waist,
sits behind the drums and starts to beat on the skins. He is called Todd.
Two others appear at stage right, both clad in torn, dyed jeans and silk
screened t-shirts. The one with the long, dyed hair of orange, who picks
up the bass, is called Malcolm but is sometimes refered to as "Milky" for
his personality. The other, a normal looking fellow with the sides of his
head shaved picks up the guitar and plucks a few cacophonous notes. He is Mike,
when he music begins, he is a madman, literally all over the stage in crazed
aggression. Slowly walking to the center of the stage is a tall, lanky guy
with a blond center mohawk that is fuschia in a few front strands. Taking
the microphone out of the stand he croons a few tests for mixing purposes.
Limbering up, he is ready for the gig, he is called Barrie, and his voice
hammers down to the eyeful crowd..."We're Christ on Parade..."

Like a whirlwind just appearing out of thin air, guitars light up with
ferocious speed, throwing all combustion into sheer power as the drum
beats are rapid and consistent, forcing an exhilirating appeal to the
wild audience; already taken to throwing themselves barbarically in ritual dance.
The intensity is unique, a blast of 1,000 mph chaos, churning noise into
melody with changing rhythms and dynamic quickness. Vocals sound the alarm with
rough edges as sputing lyrics prance with the blend of harmonies so suddenly
attacking the senses. Twin guitar power adds the assaultive punches that flail
with occasional whining leads and zooming chord changes. A continual barrage
of thrash mayhem bewitches the bellicose crowd who dive amongst the stage in
fleeting fury, as this young outfit delivers a high performance set of
strength and energy...excitable in every sense of the word. There are no
boundaries here, both types of musical fanatics froth for this sound, the
leering jabs of Christ on Parade. "Just because I'm 18, doesn't mean I'm gonna
fight, Won't register for your fucking draft, Won't give up my only life,
Don't wanna go, Don't wanna fight, Don't wanna lose my only life, Don't draft me,
I won't go, Don't draft me..." As the crowd takes over the microphone and sings along.

The following is the September 1985 installment of Puszone

Thanks to Scott Slimm for the article.

Shreadkangin', the eclipse of the sun darkens the realm of your
sonic laboratory as the musical notes charge out of the slick glass
vials, whisking through the atmosphere with its rhythmic charm.
Even in the blackness the music cannot be stopped until the eyes
open and the nightmare ends, but the music goes on in the Puszone.

Enter the biting growls of lead singer Choke who spits out a harsh
attack of vocal razing as the long awaited album release by Negative
FX makes its way to the stands. When the Boston explosion
happened a few years back, it turned out what proved to be some
of the most intense and speed laced power outfits to grace the
hectic hardcore blitzkrieg. Yet, while other bands had superb vinyl
releases, one band kept a very underground following as a cult unit
with a few demo tapes that floated amongst the dubbing decks in this
vast scene. Negative FX LP is out for everyone to experience, it's
tough, contains the speed of Gang Green, the thrust of S.S. Decontrol,
the vibrancy of D.Y.S. and delivers that chaotic charge that
makes it an undistictable Boston ensemble. Even though the tracks
were recorded a few years back, this eighteen song splatter is bold
and hits a classic in its own right. It contains all the favorites.
"VFW," "Hazardous Waste," "Citizen's Arrest" and the sing-along
banzai "Feel Like a Man" amongst others, with effective musical
structures and Choke's churning vocals, this is a titanic release.
It constructs a band long gone, now into the brains of those who
still desire that genre. Released thru Taang! Records.

Nothing can haunt you more with such an eerie appeal than the
mindsplitting power surge of Amebix's Arise LP. Slowly
drifting into "The Moor," a devilish intro that creeps with a deep
paced pounding, spooky with intense bass strumming, Amebix prepare
you for this cryptic assault of grinding ferocity. "Axeman" storms
out with beating guitar chords as a low voice shouts out the command,
while the song structure breaks into sections, each working back
into every note. This sonic mayhem continues with "Fear of God,"
"Wargactyl," "Arise" and "Slave"; all hitting a solid combusting
force and holding the audience in pulsating delight. Amebix's
second LP release shows the continuation of their low, sullen
paced sound. This time laced a bit with more demonic metal edges
in the driving beat, still every inch as powerdul and effective.
Up front bass lines storm along with the harmonies, adding that
essential fear to Aphid's fire breathing vocals and the hypnotising
drum splashes of new skin man Spider. Arise is a well recorded
piece of horror mashed melodies that strum with their own cryptic
pace. It is an extreme release and excellent in every sense of the
form. Smile with the evil rhythms of Amebix on Alternative
Tentacles Records

Ex-Minor Threat vocalist, Ian MacKaye in the workings of a new
band, probably going back to playing bass as he once did in the Teen
Idles, or word has it, possibly singing in the Faith. Either way,
watch for it. THe Accused, hot on the heels of their Martha
12" which is getting raves from all around, in
the studio recording yet another 12". Should scorch the tiles
off of the floor. Poison Idea soon to record an LP, yet they
claim it will be very GISM-ish, since that Japanese band is
holding the lead spot next to Elvis on the Poison Idea turntable.
Germany's Inferno has released a seven inch through a Florida
label, and will have a split mini LP with Japan's Execute out
this month. Watch for hot new German band Tu-Du Hospital,
really packs the wallop!

We Have Arrived is the debut release of that Los Angeles
based speedcore metallic ensemble Dark Angel. Lightning fast with
a no-holds barred distinction, Dark Angel share a similarity to Slayer,
but with blood gurling vocal shrills and wild speed drumming. Twin
guitar flailing from axe merchants Jimmy Durkin and Eric Meyer split
the decibles with their rapid licks and whining stormtrooper riffs
which hurl each number into a frenzied speed venture. Seven action
packed tunes featuring the like of "Vendetta," "Falling from the
Sky" and "Merciless Death," each with that ram-charging approach
that attacks in leaps and bounds. The character of Don Doty's
voice really brings the focus of Dark Angel to the forefront
with his highs and lows, the frequent changing of his harmonies
and the right insertion, within the musical structure. Dark Angel
are a new strong band that will go far. Watch for them on Metalstorm

Then the pace sharpens to a blur, with the intense zoomfest of those
Italian madmen Negazoine. On their second EP release, the speed
sharply rushed beyond the thrash barrage and this five songer ignites
with wild uncontrollable mayhem. Entitled Condannati A Morte
Nel Vostro Quieto Vivere
this vinyl slab was recorded in
Amersterdam, Holland on the Negazoine tour, it continues where the
first one left off. All the right punches of quick drumming,
zipping guitar riffs, throbbing bass plucks and rampant crooning
by a steadfast screamer Zazzo, brings Negazoine in a league of
out of control maniac paced ability like D.R.I. If you want it
crazed then Negazoine is the choice. Available in the U.S.A.

A bnd whose been seeing a lot of activity lately is the rebirth of
Social Unrest, the Hayward based group who made the hardcore world take
notice with their Rat in a Maze 12". Now Social Unrest have
released a fifteen song LP entitled SU 2000 featuring some
new members and introducing vocalist Jason who spurts out the lyrics
with a unique sharp character that holds a swift note. Potent
musical punches that work in different melodies with crafty arrangements.
A wide variety of tempos ranging from fast-paced whinin's to creative
instruments is the highlight of this Social Unrest black slab that
gives one the feeling, sound wise, of the classic Adolescents LP.
Quality recording beefs up this effort as the sound drives that
head dashing appeal to the nervous system. For a hardcore record,
this has a lot of harmonies, melodies and enjoyable instrumentation,
in its rhythms as well as its approach, something that a lot of records
lack, hopefully Social Unrest will hit the audience they are after with
this 3rd release. On Libertine Records.

Here is the latest platter of Gang Green, but a new band with a
different sound. Chris Doherty is still on vox and guitar, though this time
the voice is much raspier with a thin sound. Chuck Stilphen (ex-Freeze)
now wooing out those lavish metallic licks which whine in a speedy
frenzy as his guitar playing adds a bit of difference to the previous
Gang Green sound. The A-side is entitled Skate to Hell which
comes off as a hardcore attempt at AC/DC, back to the roots you might
say for these guys. A good dose of boarding mania for the ears of
those thrusting bangers. B flipside is Alcohol which continues
in the same vein of beaty riffs in a rocky mold. This is definitely
a different Gang Green, so much that you can tell the two apart,
so cast your vote-old or new. On Taang Records.

Running rampant, flinging chaos gone amok, comes the second charge of
brutal mayhem in maximum reports by Capitol Punishment. This latest
twelve inch wax platter When Putsch Comes to Shove features
ten tracks of exuberant exhiliration pushing a mean guitar grinding
with feedback speeding into sonorous distortion. Abrasively raucous growls
grip the lyrics and thrust them forth as vocalist Ralph Lotspeich barks
strong written words heard in effective cuts "The God of Greed," "Is
This Justice?" and "Ballad of a Broken Home." Capitol Punishment mix
high speed thrash with a few slow melodic breaks to round up well
delivered song structures. This vinyl outing is very enjoyable as this
Fresno, CA band packs some outrageous knock out punches with twirling
pokes coming back for more. Capitol Punishment do trenchant justice
with this scorching release. Stage Dive Records.

Watch for either demos or wax from these chaotic corruptors. Anti-Cimex,
the Swedish speed maniacs due to hane an LP's worth of speedcore
havoc. New demos out by the like of Nuclear Assault whose "Hang
the Rope" is one of the fastest songs ever. Hatred, Slaughter,
Mayhem, Arsenic, Oblivian and Concrete Sox all with exceptional
tape releases. New virgin vinyl slabbings from Iron Angel, The
Possessed, Kreator, Ugly Americans, Marplots, Boskops, Dirty
Scum, Cancerous Growth and much more. Seems like the sonic assault is
upon us!

Corrosion of Conformity (C.O.C.) - Animosity LP
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Destruction - Infernal Overkill LP
Sacrilegde - Demo
Fala - Polish H.C. Comp LP
Direct Action - LP
Terveet Kadet- The Horse
Infernal noise - Cass.
Alle 24 Goed - LP (Belgium)