February 1985

The following is the February 1985 installment of Puszone

Thanks to Scott Slimm for the article.

Intensify! Speed increases as madness continues, the body lifts up
and hurls uncontrollable in a frothing rage. Hey is that you?
Listening to the sonic mayhem, thrusting your head, flailing your
legs. Why? Why? is all they ask, but inside you desire, you crave,
your hunger in unquenchable, the eyes sear those confused
statements that lead you to that aggressive sound. Welcome to the
threshold of the Puszone, a common column in Thrasher Mag,
destined to be nothing more than mere vocabulary of an energetic
brain wave, pursuing with no rewards, the rhythms take over, as
the mind flies, inert, thrust and enjoy. Vinyl, tape, fanzines,
or send a stamp for a sticker and more.

"Hello, Mrs. Richards, is Paul home...?" Adrenalin O.D., Adrenalin
O.D., Adrenalin O.D. Hi, welcome to our review. Wacky hi-jinks of
A.O.D. blows you outward in spontaneous combustion, combining the
best in hardcore thrash and metal riffs, but takes you on a little
voyage into hysterical laughter. Grinding guitar buzzsaws hack away
those earlobes as Dave grits his teeth playing those drums. "A.O.D
vs. Godzilla" opens as an awesome instrumental, then 14 songs attack
with vicious appeal, all on that pardoy edge, driving parked cars
into parked buses, but that is only half of the damage. Wacked out
and fire eyed, A.O.D. take on a song in their underwear, brave lads
from New Jersey. What exit? Even Mister Rogers steps away from the
neighborhood for a visit. Pure energy and non-stop thrills, don't
forget to buy toothpaste when you get this vinyl. Dlrow Eht Ot
Egassem Drawkcab a Sedulcni. Adrenalin O.D. for you. "Just a minute
I'll go get him..." on Buy Our Records.

A scorching blizzard of fiery thrusts from Italy, storms wildly as
the Wretched graunch out their brutal thrash barrage, the premier
hardcore unit in Italy, the Wretched express a no-holds-barred approach
with direct lyrics and musical mayhem. A nice cover illustration
by Stiv (of T.V.O.R. fanzine) shows an intro the aggression enclosed
inside, fast, furious powerpaced rushes employs the vigorous display
of guitar, bass, drums and harsh vocals. Comes with an insert of English
written lyrics and Wretched opinions. Songs, totalling 18 in all, will
pick you up with a Wretched appeal. One of the best international
releases, on Chaos Produzioni.

P.E.A.C.E.-Peace, energy, action, cooperation, evolution. A double
album compilation of bands from across the world who have donated
their songs to this vinyl so that the proceeds will go to the causes
in the world to give peace and freedom, put together by MDC/R Radical
these two platters contain 55 bands with one song apiece and a 72
piece page magazine of info and band sheets, interesting and
informative! And check out just some of the line up...Iconoclast,
Conflict, GISM, BGK, D.R.I., Septic Death, Crass, Subhumans, MDC,
Dicks, C2D, Offenders, Execute, ODFX, Porno Patrol, Reagan Youth,
D.O.A., A.O.F., Upright Citizens, Pandemonium, Dead Kennedys and
much more. Special thanks to the people who put this together and
to the bands who participated, its not "Band Aid" but it's the
same idea. Now if only the distributors, stores etc., would donate
their profits of the EP to the same cause. On R-Radical Records.

Massive exertion of totally chaotic insistency, place rapid disorder
with sheer hammering onslaughts and welcome the raw uncompromising
sound of Chaos U.K. Mind blowing fury at tis finest as the savage
blur of jarring tumultuous mayhem, frantically explodes in wild
turbulence. Chaos U.K., now completely reformed, still retaining Chaos
on bass, who sang on the last LP, now features Mower, power growling
out the voices, Gabba whining and grinding the guitars, and Chuck
bombards the sticks on those skins. Featuring distortion at its
finest with "Lawless Britian" a porky charge of an opening tracks,
"Support" which wails in Gonzaid quickness,"People at the Top" and
"Global Domination" amongst others. Short Sharp Shock the
2nd Chaos U.K. release accelerates in pure slaughter of havoc laden
rage. A unique band with an incredibly powerful sound. One of the
best on Children of the Revolution Records.

So Much Fun is a German released LP featuring Finland's finest
hardcore movers. Sort of like a split LP with Kaaos and Terveet Kadet
sharing 7 songs each. Incredible, vivacious energy comes from Kaaos,
who are the nucleus of the Finnish power sound, organized and crafty,
still pulsating with speed and intensity. Kaaos' brand is agile and
rushes a high rambunctious brillance. Terveet Kadet is outbursts
of crazed thrash with hurling frenzied vocal tracks by Laja. The TK
charge bulldozes triumphantly, pure meomentum jolting the farenheit
higher with each maniac assault. Split second sharges of inccinerating
rapidness, if you're familiar with either of these bands, you'll know
of their style, and this is a nice slice of some of their best recently
recorded material, check into this, it's enjoyment all the way.
On Weird System