January 1985

The following is the January 1985 installment of Puszone

Thanks to Scott Slimm for the article.

Different revolutions at different speeds. Smaller discs, yet still
packing the punches that knock you cold. The seven inch record is
one that has been around for decades, now they become fewer
and fewer as the market eliminates the space, and breeds more
room for the twelve inch. Welcome to the threshold of the
Puszone, where a venture into worldwide seven inches
exposes some titanic material...

Some powerful released from Japan start the turntable spinning
and the aggression flowing! First The Execute's Criminal
EP sounds up the volume with a massive assault
of speed and power, lashing out with metal thrashing licks in
in the "Speedcore" vein as crying vocals deliver the words. Raw,
unrelenting force cranked high in direction, totally evident
in the bombastic "Slash" and "Moron", as The Execute prove to
be one of Japan's finest on this, their 3rd release, on Hit
Parade Records
. Banging up the stylus is The Clay, a ferocious
attack of heavy action and quick momentum, which runs rampant
with outrageous rhythms. Energetic with abundent speed, The Clay
storm through three manifesting melodies, complete with good
drumming, driving bass and guitar whines, howlering vocals kick
the entire dose into a frantic flailing. Explosive Japanese
stuff on Dogma Records. Chaotic distortion erupts with
intense growling vocals as Outo blast out their maniac mayhem.
An outburst of frenzied disorder strikes wildly with speed and
whining guitar leads of chaos, Many Question, Poison Answer
is a sharp 6 song EP that blisters the inside of your ear tunnels
with this sonic barrage of fury. In the tradition of Chaos U.K.
or Disorder, Outo continues the madness of AA Records.

Lightning swift with numerous strikes, N.O.T.A. burn a fiery path
of furious acceleration with four potential onslaughts that drive
this Oklahoman hardcore outfit to the brink of sheer exhilaration.
The title song "Moscow" powers its way with a cowpoke twang, as the
beat is superbly delivered with exceptional melodies, one that
bounces on the inside of your cranium for hours. Good clean thrash
that shows the ability of this hard working band. N.O.T.A.(None of
The Above) rank with the finest. Unclean Records.

From Holland welcome No Pigs addition to the wonderful seven inch
pleasure packers. Raw, grinding guitar highlights the action paced
sound No Pigs thrust forth. Six headbopping tracks with intelligent
lyrics sung with effect and harmony as the band jet through some mind
boggling slices of explosive power and robustic combustion. Overall,
No Pigs are a fresh cyclone of jousting thrash, enjoyable yet
meant to be played loud in sheer chaos. On Nozem Records.

Classic speedcore riffs haul at tornadoing speed from Sweden's
Ingron Hutlos, an intense 4 track EP that shows metallic power with
utter quickness. Not of the common Swedish thrash market, Ingron
Hutlos Necrophilian Hits proves to have assembled a unique
sound that erupts with personal energy, blowing a mighty spew of
turbulent savageness. Two speed blasters and two moving grinders
equip this first Hutlos release enough to have you craving more.

Scorching those decibels with an uproarious thrash barrage is
Norway's Svart Framtid, jumping from chord to chord with different
paces and plucks. Six exciting numbers that focus on major world
wide problems, as the crude vocalist screams out in agony, like the
people who feel it day after day. Speedy guitar with rapid drum
splashings lead Svart Framitd into a hectic dose of creative, yet
alarming piledrivers. Great active stuff, the tip of the iceburg
in Norway. On X-Port Platter.

Adrenalin O.D. - Wacky Hi Jinks
Chaos U.K. - Short Sharp shock
Zyklome A - Made in Belgium LP
Unlawful Hardcore Assembly - LP
Yalta Hi Life - LP(Finland)
Crude SS - Capitalist EP
Existenz - Let's Get... 12"
F.U.s - Do We Really LP
v/a - Cleanse the Bacteria LP