July 1985

The following is the July 1985 installment of Puszone

Thanks to Scott Slimm for the article.

Scream out at the top of your lungs as the sounds torch the
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Four guys sit upon the porch of their home in Viginia, subtle
faces, eyes focused into the lens of Glen E. Freidman; like
the photo session had happened a thousand times before. No
title, no words, just a cover with Jeff, Ian, Lyle and Brian,
otherwise known as Minor Threat. Three songs on a Swan Song
seven inch of a band long gone but still memorized. "Salad Days,"
an overall waht's going on A-Side melody, reflects Ian's impres-
sion of the hardcore scene. Strong with the harmonies you've
grown to love from the Minor Threat crew, with faint babblings
from Ian and a very interesting insertion of bells. B-side
tracks with 2 cuts, easing down the pace with "Stumped" and
a cover version of "Good Guys." Minor Threat created a wide
following with their unique brand of music, but to most,
there was never enough. Now they are gone, but the music goes
on, and this single is the last dosage of exciting tunes by
Minor Threat. Thanks gang. On Dischord Records.

Creeping up from he deep dark depths of the catacombs below, the
"Unholy Passion" stalks its prey through the mystic crooning of
Samhain. On their second release, Samhain continue the haunt
packed terror with frightfully fearsome harmonies, lunging for
the throats with Glenn Danzig's eerie ooing voices commanding the
show. Drilling guitar sounds with a drum murmur constantly
beating adds to the effect of horror; spookfully achieved.
Five ghoulish numbers on this twelve inch, "Moribund,""The Hungry
End," "Unholy Passion," "I Am Misery," and a reworked version
of The Misfits classic "All Hell Breaks Loose." Bring open the
gates as the demons celebrate this pagan festival of the dead,
Samhain's "Unholy Passion," a wicked treat for your eardums on
Plan 9 Records.

Attention lovers of The Subhumans, Instigators and Anthrax,
introducing to you and all who enjoy good driving paced music with
manifesting chants, the new album from Scotland's Alternative.
An excellent slice of brain catchy melodies inticed with male and
female vocals, sometimes solo, sometimes harmonizing, yet always
effective and full of strength. Lyrical assertions show strong
beliefs for animal and human welfare but ending the record with
the positve phrase, "If you want to change the system, better
start with yourself." Gritting guitar sounds, with splashing drum
beats, fire up this medium paced thruster, with varieties of sounds
and added phrases. Alternative have created a good dose, especially
in the quiter "Now I Realize," a nice gem of a song. Alternative's
If They Treat You Like Shit, Act Like Manure is one of the best
LPS to come out on Corpus Christi Records. A truly fine vinyl slab.

Take a young band from the Seattle, Washington area, do a few member
and musical changes and what forms is such a scorching attack of
hardcore metallic mayhem, it splits the head open right between
the eyes! Welcome to the new Accused, who have added Blaine, ex
of the legendary Fartz to vocal shouting duties with that influence,
this 12" slab entitled, Martha Splatterhead charges into
five steamrolled bloodcurdled extravaganzas. Fast, powerful, intense
the speed sonic ability The Accused lay down with pulsating metallic
riffs, cranks into one of the best unexpected releases. Seattle fans
have a ramsmashing skull crusher of a chaotic assault on their hands.
Meaty and hungry, The Accused have aranged some fine lightning paced
melodies, including the awesome "Slow Death" which hits new highs
of speedcore action. If you want something to drive you up the wall,
get this Martha Splatterhead 12" from The Accused.

Hot on the heels of the smash nit The Crew LP, 7 Seconds bounces
back with yet another robust sing along anthmic release that screams
with pleasure. Walk Together, Rock Together is a seven song
12" EP that was recorded in the Washington D.C. area with Ian MacKaye
of Minor Threat, (listen for Ian's mumbles on selected tracks), while
7 Seconds were touring America. The result...more rip roaring tunes
that have those junior crooners baying at the sky. Check into "Strength,"
"In Your Face," "Spread," and even "99 Red Balloons." When you expect
a fun time, you know 7 Seconds aim to please, their hearts are in the
right place. sadly, the band has had some member changes, but Kevin's got
the crew together and going strong. Another band that's so irresistable.
On BYO Records.

While Italy's Raw Power toured the USA last summer, they recorded a
gem of an LP in Indiana. Finally after months of waiting, it's finally
out! Entitled Screams From the Gutter, the cover features a four
color illustration by Vince Ransid, but inside the music burns away that
cardboard sleeve. Definitely a band in the speedcore genre, Raw Power
laced metallic riffs, yet still ultra quick in the hardcore vein. Wild
vocals by two different singers adds a crazy effect to this already
turbulent barrage of energy, as the voices crack and rasp out zooming
words. If you're interested in foreign hardcore, check into this
American release by Raw Power on Toxic Shock Records.

Just out on Rabid Cat Records, smoking with heated aggression that
raises the fahrenheit, is The Offenders' incredible Endless Struggle
album. This platter is third degree burns, it's a speed venture with
a no holds barred power approach that rips the melting flesh. At first
listen, comparisons go towards MDC or Suicidal Tendencies, but The
Offenders shine through punch after punch, delivering a hearty ensemble
of goods and pure energy. A well-recorded effort that should bring them
to the threshold. This captures all the right moves. Blasting vocals
bellows, rapid, grinding guitar work, throbbing bass jams and quick
plunges make it all come together as the vinyl spins and the music flies
into the atmosphere at a furious rate. Potentially a release to please
with 13 high adrenalin tracks, AAAHHH, The Offenders at their finest.

Fron out of England comes the latest effort by Icons of Filth, and it
spurts out the energetic charge. A very nice seven inch sleeve packaging
done by Naomi, whose art is really outstanding, crafty lettering also.
Icons of Filth, explode into 3 head bopping tracks, fast and gut gritty,
spweing out more than a mouthful of manifesting lyrics; evident on
"Enough is Enough" and "Success on a Plate (for Who?)." Harsh, pushy
vocals roar out the mouthing sounds from the throat which work well with
the musical ensemble. Whining guitars echo madly, with the non-hesitant
barrage of fury and solid temperance. Icons of Filth Brain Death
EP is a classic example of true beliefs backed by forceful music. If the
public looks at it as anger, then there must be angry people against social
problems who wish to be heard. On Mortar Hate Records.

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