August 1985

The following is the August 1985 installment of Puszone

Thanks to Scott Slimm for the article.

Open your mind, as the music opens your ears. Greeting Puszoners,
the escapade starts, this month with the new revamped edition,
mixing the 'cores with reviews and information. A speed
darevevil's journey into lunging mayhem with rhythmic
exhilaration, pulsating your existence into the newest and
the unknown. Vinyl, tapes, zines, info..send it to the
Puszone for notice, also 3-22cent stamps gets you the Puszone
sticker and mail order catalog. Thanx for the sincere dedication
my friends!

And blasting into this month's lead position is the new bombastic
release from that Canadian powerhouse outfit...S.N.F.U., whose
debut LP And No One Else Wanted to Play crams fourteen
explosive tracks across the atmosphere with glorious charges of
aggression and rapid ability. Tight, evenly paced melodies hold
a fluid rhythm as two meaty guitars wail in furious crying exertion
with vocalist Chi spitting out the screams as he flies amongst the
stage. A display of energy is how one could best describe S.N.F.U.
with tracks like "Broken Toy," "I'm Real Scared," "Misfortune," and
the morbid writings of "Bodies in the Wall." Since this band takes
each number to the hilt and still whips up more. A very solid
arrangement of drums, bass and overall composition, S.N.F.U. have
provided an exceptional LP release of terrorizing tunes available
on BYO Records.

Tapemania erups with some scorching demos from Cryptic Slaughter,
whose speedcore assault wails with fast metallic guitar work and
machine gun biting drum beats. If quick is what you crave, then
Cryptic Slaughter shred it up in the meat grinder with this mind
blowing five song cassette!

Then the debut demo from Shades of Grey, a young Idahoan bunch of
guys determined to make melodic chords with a raw edged flavor.
Crisp and distinct, the sounds of Shades of Grey are a welcomed
change with harmonious choruses and powerful thrusts. One to be take
notice, hopefully vinyl soon?!

A creeping synthesizer introduction opens for what becomes a steel
sharp bomb blast of speedcore rage as the tape flies off the spools
with this ferocious demo by Excel. Quick metallic chords on this well
produced effort that kicks into gear a manic attack which burns a
fiery path. Ultra fast drumming, guitar work and intense vocal whisps
make this Personal Onslaught demo one to notice as this band
will rise rapidly.

Tour news this summer include visits by Finland's Terveet Kadet and
Germany's Upright Citizens. Plus a confused word as to whether
Conflict (U.K.) will come here or not for that major international
show at the Olympic in L.A. Watch for appearances in a town nearest
you by Gang Green, Christ on Parade, S.N.F.U., 7 Seconds, Offenders,
Social Unrest, Adrenalin O.D., Hirax, C.O.C., Dark Angel, and much more!
Live and alive!

Seven inch ventures from the world, with a hot new seven band world
compilation EP entitled Single Ticket to Paradise. A French release
featuring songs by Powerage(South Africa), Permanent Damage (Australia),
Human Beings (France), T.A.S.K. (Sweden), Cancerous Growth (USA),
Cheeth Chrome MF's (Italy) and Rattus (Finland). Bunker Records have
provided seven choice numbers that are hard hitting and keep that
continual powerful pace with raw abrasive energy working in fast to
medium paced melodies. Each track is exceptional in its own right,
making this a superior compilation to take a gander at!

Eyeful readings in the fanzine realm includes new issues of the excellent
T.V.O.R., that Italian zine packed full of photos and excellent layouts,
perhaps one of the best available. Hard Times, a nice slick zine with
good photo reproductions and on-th-spot interviews and articles. Always
a thrilling zine full of captivating delight is Mike Gitter's XXX, prtty
frequent in having issues out with lots of good info. Urs Vollman in
Switzerland had put out yet another fine issue of his Apocalypse Now zine.
This new issue (No. 7) is really thick with tons of bands. And for you
speedcore freaks,check into Guillotine, a nice zine covering C.O.C.,
Slayer, Hirax, reviews, nice halftones photos, info and more.

One of the finest packaging units that I;ve ever seens fronts this
Japanese compilation tape called The Punx, comes with a nice
outer container that holds a beautiful book with color and black and
white photos of the bands with information and lyrics. The cassette,
which features the hilarious Laughing Nose, and the gut crunching
barrage of GISM and Gas, Willard, Lipcream and Cobra, all doing two
songs apiece. A sticker is also enclosed. By far a true collector's
item and a hard item to find, yet this is just such a wonderful product-
search for it if you desire, it's awesome.

Fellow metal mutants of speedcore rambunctiousness, enter the awaiting
gates of Hell with those thrash mayhem merchants Slayer. Still pushing
the limits of unnatural havoc with their second LP release, Hell Awaits,
as it spits out fire with forceful command. Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman
rage even faster their demanding barrage of rapid metal leads and zooming
hooks in a manner once considered unorthodox in the league of headbanging.
Tom Araya throats out the demonic vocals as Slayer bursts out with tight
drilling pieces like "Praise of Death," "Kill Again," and "Necrophiliac,"
all overwhelmingly thrusting a spontaneous thrash combustion with jackham-
mering drum quakes. Speed grows with these screaming freaks, it's becoming
the new tradition and Slayer still holds a strong ground. Intensify and
raise that volume through Metalblade Records.

Out in Portland and the Oregon coast line, those bands hace been pounding it
out for quite some time, so those Elvis lovers at Fatal Erection have
dosed up a mighty four song EP featuring some of Oregon's finest. Titled
Drinking Is Great with art by the 'Buns' man himself, Henry Small.
The stylus starts groovin' on that outrageous torch outfit, the colossal
Poison Idea. Tom's guitar feeds into an abrasive slide and the furious
picking begins with Jerry growling out those corrosive vocal noises. Poison
Idea's "Laughing Boy" is P.I. at their best, why you love the band so much.
Final warning's "I Quit" is one power packed number with biting guitars and
melting hysteria, really great stuff. Also tracks by E-13 and Lockjaw pound
up this first class sampler EP.

Roaring havoc screams in agonizing vigor as Sweden's Crude SS scorch the
decibels with their 6 song EP Who'll Survive. Rapid charges of raucous
guitar furor, raw and unrelenting, pack the explosive punches that bite
down with churning beats. Crude SS match similarities to Poison Idea
with graunched out vocals and vulgur guitar strumming, yet hit a rougher
edge of intensity that captures an overwhelming chaotic feel. Well written
lyrics in english give a closer look to the ideas and beliefs of Crude SS,
as they punch it out with songs like "Destroy capitalism," "Forced Values,"
"Respect The Earth" and the thumping "Who'll Survive." Definitely a vinyl
release of turbulent might on Uproar Records, also available in the

Watch for upcoming new releases, soon to be demanded in a store near you!
Amebix - Arise LP on Alternative Tentacles Records, Misfits -
Legacy of Brutality LP, Christ on Parade - Sounds of Nature mini-LP,
Hirax - Raging Violence LP, Negazoine - Condannati... EP, a new
D.R.I. LP- 25 songs, no less, Possessed's upcoming LP debut along with Iron
Angel's LP, the new Bulldozer LP- Day of Wrath, Inferno/Execute split
mini-LP, and a new Die Kreuzen LP and also in the works is Skate Rock Vol. 3-
proving to be the fastest yet with tracks from the likes of Gang Green, Septic
Death, Beyond Possession, Christ on Parade and more.

Out of Germany on the Destiny label, comes yet another compilation LP
featuring bands from Italy, Germany and the U.S.A. You'll get the feel of what
this LP is all about when you experience the speed and chaos of D.R.I., Inferno,
Porno Patrol, Maniacs, M.D.C., C.C.M., Zerstorte Jugend and much more. Great
chunky charges of blazing excitement with individual forces all bringing it
together to turn your average room into a pyromaniac slaughterhouse as those
speakers thump out the rhythms of maximum mayhem. Called, What Doesn't Hurt
, watch for it. Fun, fun, fun and available in the U.S. and Europe.

Scream are still screaming with their latest This Side Up which features
2 sides of those immaculate Scream harmonies, yet side two introduces us to new
guitarist Robert Lee Davidson. Crisp, fulfilling and well arranged, Scream
feverously knock out some superb songs that hold many diversifications in this
ten song LP. Jumping about with quick, shining rhythms, then slowing down the
tempo with the reggaeish stylings of "Still Screaming," you'll notice a definite
metal edge in the sound, but the toe tapping beat still rages supreme. One of
the only Washington D.C. bands from that original explosion that turned up
Minor Threat, Double O, Faith, Void and all those jubilant aggressors to still
persist, and happily, Scream are still knocking out the same energy. A very
fine release, except of the faction that there is under 30 minutes worth of
music on it, should be more! On Dischord Records distributed by Sixth

Frantic Italian mayhem erupts one sonic lashing of 1000 m.p.h. speed slices on
the grinding Disper-Azione Sempre Immutata Fede EP. Crazy vocals stylings
over gritty guitar peaks with tinty drum smacks push the limits as this beset
grows and grows with ripping chords just tearing the rhythms to shreds. Intense
chaos in the vein of the Wretched, yet continually storming feverously with plenty
of feedback and wild distortion. This seven inch smoker is full of bright,
abrasive combustion and will bring smiles to lovers of zooming frenzy. On
Chaos Produzioni Records