October 1985

The following is the October 1985 installment of Puszone

Thanks to Scott Slimm for the article.

Visions of acrophobia bounce throughout the nervous system as
it sends electric horrorified shocks to the weakening joints. Standing
high on the edge, the fear is at a threshold, as the grip of vertigo
slowly closes in. Down, it seems so far as the height becomes greater
than the actual reality of what it is. Movment seems impossible as the
body gradually freezes up. Silence surrounds the margin with the overall
effect coming to a point. Then, the barrier is broken, a musical note
floats through the air, stopping the tension and bringing the mind to
an ease. The sound grows louder and captivates the brain, it is all clear
as the agony drifts off. The procedure can be accomplished as you drop
into the Puszone for some radical action.

As if it wasn't dusty enough in the region of Oklahoma, four aggressive
lads combined their musical talents in the form of N.O.T.A., to stir up
a whirlwind of hectic continuous thrash that is taking the ears by sheer
wind force. After two successful seven inch ventures, N.O.T.A. release
their first album, presenting nineteen tracks of thrusting musical prowess
into speed, intensity and a power packed melody oriented attack. Entitled
N.O.T.A. (None of the Above), this smokin' black pizza features on
vocals a shouting hoarse crooner who goes by Jeff, who also plays guitar.
yet the lunging assault of zooming words mixed in with the harmonious
mayhem sets the pace for an ultra fine work of hardcore deliverance.
Shreading the strings at a hectic rate, still keeping the riffs sharp and
biting is Russell, with distorted growls zipping off those frets. Bruce
powers forth the deep clean bass plucks that pop with each punch. Hitting
an arrangement of smashing snaps and whooshing slaps is drummer Bob, keeping
the pace live and active as this ensemble hurls forth a barrage of explosive,
sensational flying music. What makes this N.O.T.A. unit different than all
others is their consistency and dedication to the sound they achieve, it is
full with vibrant chords and jumping with rhythms that stick to the outer
cranium shell, blasting to get in. The head begins to acknowledge and bob
with the first selection "UltraViolent" setting a scorching pace that
doesn't back off as pleasure bores down with "Takin' Away Your Rights,"
the singalong anthem that stays with you as the music fades. "Sick Society,"
"Police Front" and haven't we heard those notes to "Nightstick Justice"
before, enough to make it a new classic, are just some of the highlights
to liven up any eardrum. N.O.T.A. will achieve a place in the heart, with
their creative thrash approach, this band doesn't hold back. Exceptional
and unrelenting. On Rabid Cat Records.

Currently in the studio, doing some last minute changes and getting that
final mix to just the right sound is England's Subhumans, finishing
up their third LP release entitled World's Apart, due out soon
and to be licensed in the U.S. also!

When asked to do a cover illustration, I'm faced with a musical decision,
besides the personal aspect of the people, the music must grab and just
light up the sky, something that plugs the hole and just won't quit. Well
obviously Corrosion of Conformity pulled this off hand down. Beside being
great dudes, their musical assault storms with such a crossover degree of
metallic hardcore and punky metal, it sears your everloving eyeballs out.
Intense is just no way to welcome you to Animosity the second
cannonballing ascent of furious blasting turbulence that laughs with
crazed insanity. So here it is, Corrosion of Conformity in their prime,
shoving maximum dosages of gritting, grinding metal licks in guitar madness
continuing the awesome throttling effect that quickly becomes their trademark
with woody grimacing in all the picks. C.O.C. is down to a three piece, but
Mike Dean, besides churning forth that powering bass utburst, turns up a
frenzied wail at vocal hollerings which are evil in sound and devilish in delight.
Those duties are shared by "Mr. Good Humor" Reed Mullin who usually provides
an absorbing thrill at his exceptional mashing of those drum heads. He might
be one of the best skin beaters in the league and his voc's storm out also.
"Loss for Words," "hungry Child," "Mad World," "Consumed," and "Prayer" are just
a tempting handfull of the ten tracks that will bury you with a barrage
of sound and thumping combustion. What, as a biased reviewer, can you say
when a record ramcharges you down, then wants to lick your face? The baby is
great and Corrosion of Conformity will pick up extra votes in the current
crossover craze, the closed way to unity is getting them all together.
Hey guys, thanks, I'm sure you'll be appreciatedwith this skinpeeling release.
On the newly formed Death Records, this is a first attempt, so you
know it's only the bombastic beginning!

What would you suspect with a name like Damage? Any guesses? Then from out
of the black and blue cover creeped a black vinyl platter to the stylus
of destruction and the sonic swooping began. Gaarrggh. Is this disc a split
second speed thrashbomb? Wild, vivacious and hauling topedoing slices of
hacking havoc, Damage pounce upon the instruments and kick into action
eighteen monumentous thrusts of explosive chillbusters. Fast, energetic
thrash recorded live at CBGB's, but without that poor live quality, this
sounds A-1 studio as it charges frantic paces of crazed aggression forth.
Featuring twin guitars and twin bass, which is a rarity...Damage hurl the
notes to the forefront with raucous vocals spitting out the throaty lyrics.
An unexpected surprise from the New York area, Sins of Our Fathers
will stand heated in your record collection, waiting to burst out in your
room with its nitro splitting exhiliration. On Gnarl Records.

Laced with metallic frenzy, battling the barriers with crisp licks and
speedy aggression is Gastunk's Dead Song LP. Storming out of Japan
with a vicious appeal of rapid thrash and unorthodox approaches, Gastunk
flings the mayhem outward in maniac moving gestures, with non-stop
acceleration. Fast speedcore riffs cream wildly as the churning guitar
sound continues the drive of string snapping energy. Backed by sonic scorchers
of booming drum creativeness, Gastunk's charge is thundering with a unique
might of titanic ability. Fronted by vocalist Baki, ex of the Execute, he
spits out the words in his charismatic style which makes the appeal of
Gastunk so effectively strong. His sharp growls to long screeches captures
the harmony with the msucal ensemble. This vinyl slab has the crossover feel
for both audiences of speed metal and hardcore. Tracks like "Night Sight
Light," "Warbird," "Sad" and "Computer Crime" all show a zealous assault
of manic energy. A very good release on Dogma Records Japan.

Buckle your seat belts, its a quick trip to some European lands for a
glance and a loud tasting of a few exceptional seven inch groove diggers.
Turn up the feedback, add a bit more volume and the barrage grinds it's way
to insane rapidness with S.O.D. (Sound of Disaster). Full tilt blitzings
that hammer down a earatic split second journey of turbulent thrash. Six
ferocious punchers deliverd in Swedish that keep hitting hard chord after chord.
Fast, skull crushing dispatches of crucial momentum that keeps a continual
pace with hoarse vocals and soaring graunched out guitar. A savage
cacophonous gust!

Next to Sweden is Finland and home of Rattus, whose latest seven incher
escalates the blood level as this gem firebolts it's way towards uproarious rage.
Raw uncompromising guitar darts with a compelling charisma that is the trademark
of Rattus, as Annikki's vocals flood the atmosphere with a growling dominance.
Quick knuckling stamina that has always been a part of this band still flows
outward, some metallic licks but not enough to spoil the fruit. Five songs
vitally incinerate the wax as the aggression and the bulldozing fury keep the
action blazing with the Rattus stampede. One of the best bands in Finland and
still pushing out the excitable goods. Ann & Archie Records. Ask for
the Ihmiset on Sairaita EP.

When a band plays ultra fast, riveting the sound to such an extreme edge of
lightning thrusting capacity, the madness truly runs amok. Yet in Holland, a
band called Pandemonium who have had one seven inch and one album out still
take thrash beyond the limits, virtually destroying the speed zone and keeping
a good harmonious character while doing it. On Pandemonium's second seven inch
venture Wir Fahren Ins Grune, the onslaught of plowing combustion in
zooming chunks still rules supreme. A bit repetitive drumming, but the disorder
is distinct and compelling, with wild guitars and rapid singing. Five songs
that rip with brutal spasms. Limbabwe Records.

The Marplots hail from Berlin, Germany and their brand of chaotic choruses
and mayhemic flailing jump with just the right amount of flavoring to make it
a choice cut. Raw abrasive guitar with a raucous vocalist add to the punches
of the Bombenterror EP as the four tracks presented here add a sharp
robust rhythm to urgent hardcore, loud and melodic. Singalong appeal predominates
Bombenterror with a joyous jarring that gets the body moving and mouths
joining in. Fast with fun qualities, not losing any of its vigorous charm. Four
members making the best of a Marplots sound, worthy of all eary.

Ludichrist call themselves "Overdrive Rock n' Roll" with politcal and social
overtones. So when you plug this 12-song demo tape into the eck, you're hit
with a battering ram barrage of fast commanding thrash that is well recorded
and well arranged. A hot new band that drives a mean sound with dabblings in
both directions, mainly aiming their attention at speed. Insistent, rigorous
music that will gain a cult audience very rapidly.

A six band compilation from Belgium entitled Alle 24 Goed! which
is a parody of some old Belgian comps, features some of Belgium's best thrash
ensembles. A thick paper cover that folds into a poster size info sheet on the
band houses this long playing sampler. Many tracks by each band gives you a good
dose to judge the musical strength of the sound each outfit pushes out. This
LP holds the like of Capital Scum, Koyaanisquatsi, War Risk 3, Zyklome A, Vortex
and Wulpse Varkens, and their deliverance of raw angry energy makes for some great
listening. On Punk Etc. Records.

After To the Ends of EarthEP, most will be hoping that this new English
Dogs LP continues in that fiery lashed out speed attack. But the new LP entitled,
Forward Into Battle doesn't hold up to that last exceptional platter. The
metal influence becomes more apparent, still trying to hold a fast pace, but lots
of whining guitars and longer melodies. Good, this record is, but perhaps not
for the same audience they captured with the last outing. The quick chords still
persist, and the raspy screaming vocals thrust outward above the overall mix, still
it lacks something. Different variations into the realm of metal are explored here
from what once was a punk band, the guitar pieces are creative and with many strokes,
the drums splash with each composition and it has that driving feel. Songs like "Five
Days to Death" show the presistent melodies, to the likes of the instrumental
"Brainstorm" that contains mostly metallic guitar structures commonly heard in
mainstream heavy metal bands. From listening to all four English Dogs releases, I'm
not sure which direction they are going, and hopefully soon they will find what
pleases them before each new audience they capture drops off with their next release.
English Dogs seem to ne crossing over to mainstream heavy metal, hopefully they won't
get too metallic. On Rot.