September 1984

The following is the September 1984 installment of Puszone

Rabble-rousing rhythms of spontaneous attention fire electrical mind
messages in floating musical notes. Words attack the senses with commanding
authority as the vocal invasion escalates with manifesting ventures. Hear
the voices, is it escape or reality as the noise charges forth with compelling
control. In the Puszone, there is no escape from actuality, feel the
vibrations and absorb the thoughts of mental concern.

Brute aggression shovels up a mountain of raw, raucous power that blusters
a hurricane of snarling snap-back action. Corrosion of Conformity hail
from North Carolina, and on this, their first LP, Eye For Eye, COC
outburstinto a voracious appetite of snarling stamina that catapults
a hard grinding thrust of maniac guitar wailing and distorted erocity. Wild,
throat growlings by vocalist Eric Eycke rasps in a frenzied rage with severe
punishment to those crude tansils. The fury of the sound created by the
rambunctious rushes of the harsh vocalist and guitarist gives COC an effective
uproarious domination that packs it all in with vigorous drumming and bass
booming, Zooming mayhmen obsessed with pleasure raids the forefront
in slices like "College Town," "Tell Me, "Not Safe," and "Broken Will"
packing a metallic thrashabilly in total exertion. Certainly potential
havoc that shreds up the stylus.

Slam slugs straight ahead with an explosion of a self-produced album.
Ingens Slav heeds a unique vigorous charisma of pure power and
mighty force that terrorizes as it grows. Not sonic thrash, but fiery
endurance with quick slashes, lots of guitar howlings as twin guitarists
shove a blistering velocity engaged in sharp cranks. Motivated drumming
adda a strong enthusiasm to the excitement Slam bravely beats out,
with vocalist Zune controlling the throat roarings. From Sweden, Slam has
worked hard on this release with their own silk-screened covers and funding,
limiting this to a first pressing of 500 copies, and well worth getting.
Why do they promise, "We will play more fast songs in the coming future"
when this is just great?

Another Swedish release of exceptional noise is the Huvudtvatt/Kurt I Kuvos
vinyl platter on the Really Fast label. Huvudtvatt (Headcleaners) continue
to savagely force a barrage of chaotic havoc that flows as it screams disorder.
Lightning fast charges of brawling rhythms with furious vocal briskness is
enough to set off that nitro dash of ultimate excitement. Huvudtvatt's maniac
eruption barks with crazed instrumentation as each member pushes it to the
limit. Kurt I Kuvos are not as rapid, but still effective with harmonious
frequency. Whining guitars are ear-piercing high vocals gallop the pace for this
jubilant approach to hardcore melodies. Altogether these two bands make a
titanic release.

Rapid-fire, pistol-packed bolts of hauling mayhem, expressing a headlong franticness
of Georgia thrash. Neon Christ storm the gates with a sheer turbulence of speed
and intensity in the tradition of D.R.I., that creates a sonic desolation.
Frenzied guitar action with zipping chord action that detonates high speed
bezerkness, shoots the level of aggression into dizzying appeal. Ten chaotic
flailers that hit like a tornado, quick and clamorous, with torpedoing
vocals and blitzing drum volleys. Forceful energy with trenchant lyric shot out
at full tilt spurts of banzai exertion. Neon Christ bring forth a full steam
ahead whirlwind of boisterous onslaughts, making this EP a must for all radical

Thumping throbs of bass extortion opens this German seven-inch by the Malin Heads
into a irresistible drive of quickness and rapid havoc. Drastic thrashings of
cranked up ferocity dropping a bombardment of vital urgency, spreads a maniac
brilliance that enhances its performance. The Malin Heads blare out forceful
energy with massive dispatches of bouncing rhythms, each member dealing out a
lethal dose that spews ultra fast seizures of disorderly mayhem. The beginning of
the speed hardcore attack from Germany, exceptional. Vinyl Boogie.


Checking into a little creative literature from across the globe, here's some
high quality fanzines that are worth the gleem of the glance of the eyeball.

THE LEADING EDGE. New San Diego fanzine that has a good layout in a 11"x17"
size folded in half, halftone photos, lots of record reviews, articles, scene
reports, art, and a lengthy contact list. Everything for good reading and

NASTY FACTS. German fanzine written in German, but an English issue due out.
Great photos and layout, information on all world bands, current issue comes
with Crucifix poster. A fanzine for bands who need European exposure.

Please send your fanzine to help unite the people with the creative process
that is happening.