Maximum Rock N Roll#21

The Following are the reviews from Maximum Rock N Roll #25
May 1985 as submitted by Pushead.

Accused-"Martha Splatterhead" 12" EP

This five-finger rips the hair outta your scalp. Intense,
bloodthirsty, and fast. THE ACCUSED have added Blaine(ex-FARTZ)
to vocal duties, and kicked in some speed metallic rifs, making
this pure speedcore. I was so totally surprised at how good this
came out--and they only made 500! This could sell much more.

A.O.A.-"Who Are They Trying to Con" 12" EP

Gut-piercing guitar ferocity drives this excellent release
by A.O.A. to the limit, zooming mayhem with shouts of vocal
bellowing. Five songs that deliver well-organized rhythms and
arrangements with grinding speed and velocity. Another U.K.
release to capture your mind and hold you captive in sonic ecstasy.
Tim, where do you ind these excellent bands? On C.O.R., of course!

Chain Reaction-"Gabble" EP 7"

CHAIN REACTION really push it to be rapid, which is happening
a lot with the Italian releases and with good results. Wild vocals
and quick drum blasts really prominent here, similarities to RAW
POWER, yet lightning paced and abrasive. Recording is off a bit,
which hurts, but the energy is right on. Craveable.

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers-"Furious Pace" EP 7"

CCM's 2nd release lays in with some intense energy, slow
pulsating openings that explode into raw uncompromising power.
Sometimes fast, sometimes driving, still holding a biting edge.
A very strong Italian release, one of the finer ones on the new
Belfagor label.

Dicks-"These People" LP

A good example of flexible energy without the thrash appeal.
Nifty, grinding guitarwork pulsates with each number as Gary's
vocals are polished and creatively sung. The DICKS are seasoned
verterans, and show the maturity of the band with an overall fine,
performation. This LP does the DICKS justice.

Franti-"Hardcore Folk Band" LP

Nice pulsating beats in a haunting post punk harmony with
eerie sax effects. Female vocals sounding like SIOUXSIE or
Anja of X-MAL, that creep along with the flowing rhythms. Sharp,
distorted guitar sound with a powerful drum mix. Interesting but
jazzy goodies from Italy, with similarities to early X-MAL

Offenders-"Endless Sruggle" LP

Definitely the LP that should bring the OFFENDERS to the
forefront. Strong and vibrant with a force that dominates each
track as the music sharply drives a fast pace with rapid vocal
spittings. At first listen, comparisons lead toward MDC and
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, but the OFFENDERS strike with some
well-polished qualities that bring the potential way up. If you
liked the first two releases, this one melts them to the ground.

Potential Threat-"A Nazi with a Social Degree" 7"EP

POTENTIAL THREAT's second release continues the aggressive
thrash-paced mayhem with good female vocals. Storming music
that is nice and fast, well-approached with strong lyric
structure and verses. POTENTIAL THREAT are a tight outfit
and should please many.

Putrid Fever-"Life is Pain" 7"EP

From Italy with the potential to be viciously insane, PUTRID
FEVER storm with a good musical selection and sharp guitars,
but the recording is so mix-matched, it looses the flavor
of what should really occur. Get PUTRID FEVER a good recoring
and look out!