Barricaded Suspects

Song Titles:

  • Side 1.
    Peace Corpse:Breach Birth Generation
    Human Therapy:No More
    Red Tide:Mary's Black Antholgy Chop
    Killroy: Say it With Soul
    Romulans:New Alliances
    Knockabouts:Where's My Vietnam?
    Abscess:This Town
    Suburban Mutilation:I Reject You
    Septic Death:Eye Missing
    The Dull:I Hate the Motorcyclist

  • Side 2.
    Massacre Guys:Cold Storage
    Decry:Last Sin
    Roach Motel:Frenzy
    Bonded in Unity: System Addiction
    Mad Parade:Real Horror Show
    The Hundredth Monkey:Nobody Rules
    Hue and Cry:Schadenfreude

  • Release Date: 1983

    Catalog #: TX-LP-01

    Format: LP/CD

    Pressing Variations:
  • Black wax, lyric booklet
  • Red wax

  • Notes: First vinyl appearance of Septic Death.
    The lyric booklet is Issue #1 1/2 of Brainstorm
    fanzine w/ Logo by Pushead and Septic Death page.
    The record was released by Toxic Shock Records. In 2002, Dr.
    Strange Records rereleased the record with bonus tracks on CD.