North Atlantic Noise Attack

Song Titles:

  • Side 1.
    Ripcord: Boiling Point, Subliminal Decay, Poetic Justice
    Intense Degree: Nervous Breakdown, Conform
    Visions of Change: Under One Fist
    Jailcell Recipes: S.H.C., Forced, Deep Down Inside
    Civilised Society: Alone on a Hill

  • Side 2.
    Doctor and the Crippens: Zombies in Disneyland, Plaything, Blitzkrieg Bop, Bench
    Extreme Noise Terror: Bullshit Propoganda
    Heresy: Face up to It, Stand Proud,Too Soon to Judge
    Napalm Death:Scum, Life, Retreat to Nowhere
    Concrete Sox: Eminent Scum

  • Side 3.
    Septic Death: Evolution Garden, Forest of the Megalomaniac
    Transgression:Head in the Smoke, Final Conflict
  • Side 4.
    Adversity: Look Beyond
    Fear Itself: Living Hell
    No Fraud: Changes
    Desecration: Sit Back and Laugh

  • Release Date: 1989

    Format: LP+12"

    Catalog #: Ache 017